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Only Tiu helps Lin at the hospital. Seeing Wai Ching being weaker due to the fighting with Phi Lun, the father is about to kill him but Phi Lun saves his life for a last time. Second part of the movie is about the love story of doctor Phet and Maenu including confrontations with Pinkaew, Awut and their children. But she still needs to play music. The movie is lost in Thailand but a sequence of four minutes remains to be seen. Thanks to a sign on his chest, Lit is also identified as the lost son of Somkuan. Those ruffians were never arrested.

It is certainly a nationalist movie. As it is a 16mm movie, the movie needs to be dubbed. A few sequences are about Mitr listening to his boss Preuhat Boonlong blaming him. Mitr needs to go to countryside for business purpose. M itr Chaibancha always started to work early. Krai seems to play a double game.

It shows that it is an action movie. First the mother rejects this union as she has a promise to fulfill with the fiancee’s mother. So E-tan decides to quit school in order thao work. It is in 16mm format so the movie is mute as such 16mm reels requires dubbing. It is one of the last complete movies played by Mitr Chaibancha. Moviie doesn’t arrest Kwan as Seua Pon was a bad man. The trailer shows a few sequences, i. Chom Khomapat Attaya is also present.

Seeing the power of love filters, they recommend the black magician to the villager trying to seduce Jae. The fiancee realizes she is a ghost. The movie is lost in Thailand but a sequence of four minutes remains to be seen.


There is a sequence in a nightclub with dance and music concert. It was said that Mitr Chaibancha liked Pepsi.

Finally the missiles are destroyed and the klq are all captured. The bad mother then uses a monk to purify the house and install a sacred thread around the house to prevent ghosts from entering.

Kaneung Ha recruits strong men in villages by luring them with beautiful ladies Kaenjai Meenakanit.

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The movie is lost in Thailand but a trailer of four minutes remains to be seen. Neremit proposes to pay Dao’s birthday party as he knows she is not rich. Meanwhile Petchara is crucified by hill tribe villagers. Somebody is also using Red Eagle identity to commit murders so the hero changes his mask to gold and becomes Golden Eagle. She hears that Duangporn has decided to tha back to stay with her father in order that Lin and Lit can have happiness.

His father is disappointed by his son’s behavior but wants his son to finish his studies first and get approval from the grandmother. The baby has a scar around the ear. It was the first international movie in which Mitr Chaibancha took part.

Sing gathers 7 friends to fight back against Kam Maen. Tat Ekathat is aggressed by thieves on a mountain road. Finally a nun convinces her to enter Buddhist nuns’ community to find happiness and inner peace.


He is also Oon’s lover and their plan is to steal money as much as they can from Chak. Meanwhile Virathep gets from another magic expert a potion. Passakorn stopped his friendship with Adirek also. While chasing traffickers, the chief district officer is injured and finally dies.


A testament is written by an aging father. Rom, Wassana and the policemen meet Chamanchai Suk, a powerful businessman.

Mitr Chaibancha

Athip’s son is now a grown adult and is now called doctor Phet. Another version with Toon Hiransap klz Piyamas Monayakol was released in year Mitr is not moviie in the remaining sequence.

Wai Ching flees thanks to Lan Choo and the two clans kill each other to get the salt mine. A daughter is born from their brief union. Chatchadaporn gives her child to Anucha to ensure it can get a good future. Mien is wishing to announce the bad plans of the new wife and Nipon but she is is killed before by Nipon. Another businessman is killed during the party. Aranya is now a human being also. Many famous Thai actors are playing in this movie, i.

A movie summary extracted from Thai stars magazines is still available to be read. The image has poor quality. Mitr uses Petchara as the taxi driver to find the lady.