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I think the drama carefully made it seem like he is but throughout the drama, I always got the hint that he was innocent through. All that heartache, angsty man pain and have you seen that smile? The kiss on the forehead was perfect as it showed a new level of intimacy in their relationship. Pretty much the whole first episode of Wild Romance made us laugh from start to finish. Instead of that, he agrees to her words grabbing her round the waist…. They shared so much chemistry and charm, that we were smitten right from the start. I can’t stop, no matter what. Plus, I’m loving In Woo’s haircut:

In-woo is on the verge of crying, but… must… resist… the… temptation. Their ability to make us as viewers want to punch In Woo really hard in the face one minute and then want to reach out and comfort him the next is brilliant. OK, fair enough, SJ wasn’t to get the girl but Instead of feeling like she has been rejected or is lost, she knows what she is doing and is doing the rejecting instead. It would just feel forced at this moment. Ma Sang Tae takes a break to see how Ae Ja flatters her customers into buying their goods, and she catches him. She has been very patient, caring for his daughter too , and maybe a bit scared, too.

Hye Ri hides behind a pillar and starts using her phone to snap away some pictures of In Woo.

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He then tells In Woo that the real reason why he came to see him was because he had something to say. Who in d world can extract such information from MST? He just wants to clear his father’s name in the eyes of the law.


Melodrama at its best. So thank you for your simplicity and your brilliance with timing. Hye-ri is touched by all of this, but the question remains unanswered… Why did he use her to get revenge? I love you, you bastard. Man Chul has a pretty fun time taunting Mr. His wife had set her up on a blind date, and after the third date, Jung Sun had gone to their home drunkenly and declared that the wife had already gotten her ideal man first!

This is the assertive Hye Ri, and when he tries to close the door on her, she stops it with her heel! Cannot wait for Ep We adored the love confession followed swiftly by the KISS. Being with you will make me feel both happy yet unsettled. She dares to go into his house, preventing him from slamming the door in her face with her hand not foot! You can find it here.

We loved the leading man Tak Gu so much- such a lovely character to root for- strong, lovable and he sure tugged at our hearts. Ha Jung Nan is drinking with her ajumma friend, whom Hye Ri recognizes when she enters the store. You’ve been harping “sociopath, sociopath” for the past 15 million episodes with no solid evidence of sociopathy.

This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my drama watching career lol. He makes up an excuse that his wrist hurts, and then complains how much longer he will have to continue kneading dough. Who should appear but exercise-fanatic Ma Hye Ri! OHhh and thanks for the shoe close-up!!! His guilty state of mind, my friends, is one of the many clues that destroy the sociopath theory: Although I never actually watched the drama, I enjoyed following it through the recaps Other noteworthy love confessions that stayed with us over the years: How funny was the fishing rod scene in Prosecutor Princess?


I LOVE the crime chart. When she left the elevator she stopped still waiting for a reaction, but he didn’t look at her. While facing you, I epiosde to say it officially. For many dramarazy, it made me think a lot. That’s one of the reason i cried like crazy when i watched the clock scene!

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They hold their meeting at his balcony, and we get the second face to face. It is so nice here.

After 10 episodes of secrets and creepy sneakiness everything is now out in the open- let the games officially begin. My Hye Ri does not take after me. Posecutor are more than books! Wherever it is you’ve gone for 3 days, come back quick!

He asks if she enjoyed being poor.