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Just wondering where your Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla blcd go..? Thanks for lettin me know what u would like to see here! Not a problem at all! I have no clue if she is going to re up all her awesome projects again, she is busy right now and she made alot when she was very active! Hello, I love this collection of awesomeness. Yes,they were working on editing Saezuru, but I believe they got busy as well. If I will have the possibility this is what I wish to do!

Anyway, this little inconvenience still remain for mobile devices Roby85m 17 December at My dear Kazu helloooo! The way it began and continued with Mine just feels like a rape and it was more uncomfortable than sexy or anything. Anonymous 22 February at Cold Blood Kissy 5 April at You will know soon! Anyway I will ask to the girls if there is someone who wants to work on it!

I know u are working hard with school!

ChocoStrawberryVanilla BLCD Part 5

Keep up the good work! Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. For the future ones we already have raw materials for them u can visit the “things to do list”. I don’t know what to make of this. This one is a pretty long project! Cold Blood Kissy 21 November at The cover art and liner notes are included. But I still need to improve that, before using it for the main blog!


Anonymous 5 January at Power of yaoi, we picked the same project! Or if it does, then things were just the same. I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way!

Roby85m 28 April at It got several CDs spyche now, but I will wait it will be complete! Stormborn 18 December at They were more than mangas! Sales tax may apply when shipping to: Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

And I don’t like how the main seme forced the uke to have double penetration and disrespected the choice of the uke. We will make our best here and out of here too!

ChocoStrawberryVanilla BLCD Part 5 – video dailymotion

Will do it soon! I’m really close by mine one too! Have one to sell? Really vannilla found it? And we are happy u found this blog too! I use this pc for my work too, so for myself first and for everyone im pretty fixed with this kind of thing and I can assure u with a simple antivirus and adblock u have zero problems.


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I can’t wait till I am done. Sorry, I just want to ask, strrawberry you have ‘Hanayome kun’ drama cd? Now, about your suggestion, strawberrry basically suggest to sort the project basing the date of releasing right? Roby85m 17 December vanllla I’m not a fan of polyamory relationships. Thanks for ur compliments! Estimated on or before Tue. If you could pass the link I would really like to watch videos about this manga! You will know soon! The reason I didn’t like it was because I ended up rooting for only two of them.

That’s true, it takes a lot of one’s time. Thanks for your hardwork, blessed you all guys. I’m sad to say we will not work on it! If they do have a cd I would love for you to make these. Yeah u are right! Anonymous 14 June at