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We are destroying our culture and language without which we cannot preserve our identity. People want to see the socially controversial themes as sensationalism , sex, crime, violence, vulgarity. There are many reasons which caused this change but one thing obvious is change that occurs in dressing style of males in PTV drama. For this study, two groups were generated among audience. Education, income, purchasing power are the factors that produce what we see in the content of newspaper, television etc. Olden drama also portrays that how the problems of people are presented through media and how people meet their needs?

The contents were boosted by the media practitioners. It is a way to meet with the people in society on different occasions and gatherings. This research is an inquiry in which dimension it is going know? The study investigates the drama of s in its presentation and 21 st century prime time drama presentation for having an insight on its various aspects through content analytical research technique. This marketization has moved people from art work, church and courts. Women were presented by wearing clothes in shalwar and qameez with dopatta.

Education, income, purchasing power are the factors that produce what we see in the content of newspaper, television etc.

In drama serial bint-e-adam, 3. It enables middle class to have new experience; some of them are preserving of upper class.

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J Mass Communicat Journalism 5: It is of verbal, physical, psychological and symbolic. Pakistan eoisode presents glorious drama in s.

Moderate dressing in accord with Pakistani religious and cultural values was the dominant aspect of Pakistan television drama. Pakistan television has family channel policy. Drama serial ankahi has Do the background sets of PTV dramas are responsive to our local culture or exceed in glamorous infrastructure?


She concludes that NTM dramas are not so well presented as the dramas of Pakistan television. Indian drama is exaggerating variation in Pakistan drama through privatization of media in Pakistan. The creeping cycle theory of desensitization was started in as paradigm drrama a case in New York City.

Analytical Study of Television Drama Narratives

They frama not compatible but changed with the passage of time and interval. When new innovations are introduced, media becomes as vast in society as a social institution.

Story was very beautifully interwoven homme clustering all the sects of life. In these 43 years, Pakistan television drama crosses various phases of popularity and fame.

Umair Alvi describes that Pakistan television drama trial toward downfall because it loses the credibility by audience. Drama of 21 st century also is attractive in the physical appearance of characters. Drama serial waris has Changing structure of Pakistani media after has led Pakistan dramz towards the ramp of modernism.

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Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. August 28, Citation: This study will prove a base for the next research episods broader level. Our drama writers should also try to retain drama. These are private channels which are been known after the emergence of satellite television and cable television.

It is an impression about Pakistani drama that it is poisoning our thoughts and beliefs, changing our Eating habits and dinning culture, increasing boldness and care free attitude, celebration of non-Islamic events and festivals i. Market cannot distinguish between costumers on the bases of daam.


The research has begun with the coding process. Drama serial sawan has Does Pakistan television drama of 21 st century is more affiliated with advancement of visualization and audio effect techniques than PTV drama of s?

Binte Adam By PTV Home – Part 1/16 – video dailymotion

Pakistani entertainment and fashion industry is fascinated with foreign episoe media effects. May 14, Accepted Date: Leroy and keubler did their study which was done on lapsed viewer. In drama serial ankahi, Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling.

In light of these studies, cable television is considered to play the wider role in taking society toward modernism, effecting youth in language, dresses, eliminate reading culture from our society. We are destroying our culture and language without which we cannot preserve our identity. This political scenario effects the presentation of Pakistan television drama. Some stories are based on social issues but also include some social content in it.

Presentation of Punjabi culture is not satisfactory. The object of this piece of work is trial of PTV drama in comparison with the cultural imperialism and cultural invasion effects on Pakistan television drama.