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Sanam hides in a closet. A pendant gets stuck into her dress. Why are you getting so late for uploading the written update of Qubool hai even at in the morning. He also tries to convince Shireen that he wishes to fulfil his duty as a father towards Asad. Ayaan asks him why he is so submissive to his father-in-law Gaffur and can’t have the free will to meet his own injured son. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Sanam rues that if they take me to the warehouse, i wont come out alive and Ahil wont find out ever. One is hers, whose the other one? Sanam watches him and screams Rehaan and runs after the car. Someone says she is here. Azwaar 11th Nov – Ayaan discusses his side of the story with Asad. She remembers how she was searching it before.

Seher zinda hai aur Snam bhagayi!! Haseena queries Shireen and Razia about who is Asad Khan by saying that a man of that name has been called for the wedding as a guest. Zoya asks Najma to help her identify a building from a half-burnt photograph. He goes to her and asks her whether she will still get married to Rahat after knowing spisode truth? An intimidated Zoya tries to fix his phone after he breaks it into pieces in a fit of nivember.

Sanam bites Razia in the arm and runs off. Qubool Hai – Episodes She recalls her duplicate whom she saw. He tries to find a way out, but fails and eventually goes to Zoya to ask her to remove the password. Asad subsequently returns home to convince his sister Najma that they should not interfere episods their mother’s decision to allow Rashid to visit them. Razia hangs before Seher says anything more. Nogember bubbly Zoya confronts Asad on his many objections regarding her and her stay, and asks him to bring all his complaints directly to her instead of taking it to his mother.


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Seher looks at Tanveer and says who knows, here all are wearing masks. Dilshad reminisces about her old days with Rashid when a watch, promised as a gift for their anniversary years ago, is couriered to her. Faiz is angry and disappointed. The same day, Zoya is very pleased with Dilshad’s house after she moves into the latter’s apartment and mistakenly settles in the bedroom of Asad that night.

Ahil and Seher take Rahat and Haya for their Nikaah. Seher cuts his call and says not needed.

Ayaan is saved as the return gifts arrive just when he is questioned about them by Rashid and Gaffur. Rehaan thinks that there is only one way to find Sunehri and that is at the temple, pretty sure will find some clue.

Thanks to Allah you are safe. Disappointed, Rashid returns home only to realise that Nikhat’s prospective groom and family left without seeing her because of her family’s absence. The ladies start giggling on seeing a slice of Zoya’s leftover pizza stuck to the back of Asad’s pant. The mess made by Zoya in the kitchen while preparing a cake upsets Asad.

Ahil asks Tanveer who kept bomb in her car. He stops the 5331. Sanam is running on the road. Faiz watches Haya shocked.


Qubool Hai Episode 537 November 18 2014 Episode Recap

Roma 10th Nov – She relies on a stranger and his bike to chase Ayaan, but the old bike moves slowly. It is really and truly the best and top rating soaps right now. Razia tells her to not get into all these questions.

She follows him, but ends up backstage where a diffident Humeira hesitates to go on stage. At that moment, Rashid picks up the phone and realises that Dilshad has answered the call. Ahil cries, Sanam cant leave me and go. Tanveer asks Ahil to calm down as its time to thank Allah who kept his blessings on Sanam. Part 2 Haya is sitting listless on the ground and keeps asking, Allah ye tune kya kiya. Who is her duplicate whom Ahil thinks as Sanam.

She seeks to gauge their reaction to the name. Asad approaches Zoya angrily as he loses a client after not being able to answer a phone call. He blames Zoya for instigating Najma to lie. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan.

While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma. After Najma cuts her hair to get rid of the chewing gum stuck to it, Zoya decides to fix her hair by placing a wig.