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Razia comes to the doll factory, and is happy that zoya is obliviously following her, unknown to the trap that she has laid. She says that she would understand at 5 in the evening. Email required Address never made public. Asad and zoya share awkward glances at each other, at the dining table. Asad hears this from the door. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But he says that he has something else to tell her.

He says that she should try it herself, and gets on stucking badi bi inside the car. Sign in Recover your password. He bangs his hand against the wall, while she runs off from there. Nikhat is surprised and shocked. She knows that would emotionally blackmail him. Zoya asks him not to be so emotional, as if that girl is her best friend. Email required Address never made public.

I love you but you are very bad. He says that she should try it herself, and gets on stucking badi bi inside the car. As they go back, rajni asks if she wants her marriage to be like this. Asad says that they would have to make a plan tonight, so that dilshad cancels the marriage. Asad comes at the last minute to save zoya, crossing all hurdles, and braving the fire, while she too in her semi conscious state is surprised to see him and then drifts off into unconscious, after having recognised him.

Ammu shouts back asking what it matters to you.

Someone dashingly gets down the bike, and zoya walking past, falls into his lap accidentally. Like 0 Dislike 0.

He reminds her that she dint give him any chance to do so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She gets up and goes out stealthily. Rajni thanks him for finding the mangalsutra, and asks him to put it around her neck. Razia asks her to shut up, and get to work. While razia and rajni are sleeping, ayan comes in and stealthily and places the mangalsutra by the bedside, and closes the door as he goes out.


He asks what after that, a fake honeymoon.

On Jun 10, In her room, razia finds a box, containing hair. This site uses cookies. Amit repeats that he loves tashsn. After they wheel her out, Rajni wakes up hhai wonders if anyone came here, and is surprised to not find razia in the bed, and assumes that she must have got up for sehri, but then thinks that this isnt the time for sehri.

And now when I was returning home I was seeing you everywhere.

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The screen freezes on their faces. Rashid says that suddenly the car got into fire.

He says that come what may, he would tell dilshad that he wont get married, as he cant lie to her, by having a fake marriage. As she leaves, nikhat is tensed. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Asad is highly disturbed at ha talks, whereas zoya stands speechless, not knwoing what to say.

Cheez mein hota hai white milk, and har ghar mein hoti hai badi bi. Razia says that before that ayan would come back, and get engaged with humaira, and then he wouldnt allow her to be thrown rpisode of the house.

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The hired writtenn enter while zoya is nervously going around the place, stealthily. But when they dont believe at all, razia decides to call the goldsmith. As zoya slides the hand aside, she and asad too are shocked to see her eye.

Menu Skip to content. They enter her room, and asad says that they both feel that they should talk.


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Razia takes a can of petrol and sprinkles it around zoya, in a circle. Wrigten asks whay is he asking such things, and if he really wants to marry her. She is scared and shocked at vikram placing a hand on her shoulder. As zoya leaves, razia comes out, thinking that the bird is trapped now, and that the war has continued long enough and has to end now, at the same place where the story started. Jully is in tears thinking about it, and eyeing her wish list.

Razia writtn wondering what has happened to her hair. Tanveer says that she would say when she was trying to escape herself from the attacker, who was wearing gloves, she had her fingerprints on. She hao that she wouldnt be able to come down from heaven if this continues. Zoya overhears razia reprimanding the person, on the phone, that he couldnt do a simple thing, and asks him to come meet at the same place, where this story started and that this time there shouldnt be any mistake.

Badi bi is very amused at her plan working.

Zoya says that now she would reveal her secret in front of everyone. As tanveer passes the pulses, she accidentally drops her lens into it.

After making the call, humaira tells everyone that razia didnt go there.