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I thought I would cry for Eun Sang this episode, not Tan. She tells him she was worried, with the disappearing act and a letter. The story picked up significantly in this episode on all fronts, and In Woo in particular was really sweet and childishly sincere towards Jae In. He stares at the magical needle case in frustration, which now has a partially drawn bamboo tree on its previously blank surface. Is he leaving or is he staying? As Nurse Jung pointed out, when people like that finally fall, they crash hard. Turns out I can swallow a lot of plot convenience when I get such a worthy emotional payback. It’s been a very slow-burn and organic romance because they haven’t ever felt the need to escalate it and focused more on taking our leads through pivotal moments of growth and understanding.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Aaaaaannnnndddd the addiction continues. Thanks for the recap! You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But that love has ended now. I don’t know if it was written like that from the start but i like that quiet contemplative episode. Well, obviously, he has to claim his woman for himself right now

I love that this show strikes on all fronts – intellectual, emotional, visual and more. No Preview for Episode 17 Comment: Did I miss out something?

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I had such faith in her. Welcome to the party. And I will be very unscreechy about it too If he timeslipped in the future with the bloody talisman, why was it clean when he gave it sinopzis Heejin?

Another flashback shows us how Hee-jin had made plans with Boong-do to meet at home later, since they both had things to take care of. But ES may need some help that only YD can do. In Chul smiles and tells In Woo to get some sleep.


Hee-jin is such an open book about her emotions that we know exactly where she stands.

I shall revise it for the future, maybe No reason to be sorry! But at the end of the 2 weeks, Dad will send her where he wants. Tennessee Williams was right. I hate him at first sight. And Won is powerless to say anything back. So… neither of you knows they speak Italian in Italy? They are in action beyond their age.

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I love Boong-do as much as the next girl and dare I say a little more? Join 2, other followers Follow. Epispde tries to pull in up but he keeps laughing and saying no. And if you can give us the recap on the drama Pinocchio. She jabs at ES and Tan with this report, saying that Gatsy ruins his life after falling in love with Daisy. Im and Yeon-kyung, who were following, run to his prone body.

And then he takes it from her hand. Just let me know your brew of preference. These are the few examples that came to my mind. It would be awesome if theres also english translation of episode Keep up your good work.

I’m gonna Google him. He knows that both have prior relationships, and that they both have chosen each other.

Tan ends up back at the empty apartment, the last place he saw Eun Sang, smiling back at him. Meanwhile back in Hanyang, Ja-soo gets a report from one of his spies that Boong-do is away, and he smiles. All the characters in sinolsis world speak of time and space as interchangeable things—you walk in a timeas much as you walk in a space.


Dnt be bothered about YD. At the awards ceremony, Dong-min wonders where Hee-jin went. And take it out alone to see. Does he now, knowing the future, continue to live out his days as they are written? Of course she would call YD instead of KT. Problem is, you want to rewatch a certain scene, sinopais you play that, but then you don’t want to stop, so you keep watching the whole episode.

Thanks again for the recap, girlfriday! I don’t even remember how many times I’ve re-watched it So YD asks Tan why he came, then.

Man of Honor Episode 13 Recap

Yoon has come to teach Tan. Stacy June 1, at 2: I adore how happy he looks when he teases her. I know they do investigate people to bits.

It’s a good thing these are digital files not VHS cause I would’ve already worn out the tape from rewatching all those smokin’ hot kiss scenes! He totally re-sold that same sword! Thanks for 111 review!