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Bluray 3 years ago 1 There’s currently no plot problems, inconsistencies or plot holes found in this film at this time of writing this review. XviD-EVO 3 years ago 1 If you have a different In Detroit, when Alex Murphy – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. FIXED long lines, few overlapping, short durations, re-synced individual lines, added commas, improved on anything I could. Disertai terjemahan teks asing di layar.

Free of spam and authoring notations. Robocop Webrip Retraducido. It provides a brief view of the struggles we might face with machines or digital surveillance of the future. RoboCop BluRay p 5. Bluray 3 years ago 1 Corrected spelling and OCR errors. While his appearance at first is welcome, by the end it feels very cheap and unnatural.

You probably have to make some compromises today to get the millions to get the flick done. RARBG 3 years ago 1 FIXED long lines, few overlapping, short durations, re-synced individual lines, added commas, improved on anything I could. This is Zee 1’s sub resynced and slightly edited for the evo release.

Padilha’s RoboCop remake fails to offer a significant improvement over the original. In this, well, the guy that car bombs lame our robotic cop gets about 2 minutes of screen time with very little back story.

The action sequences are updated with a higher body count, with better CGI and sound effects, making them cooler, stylish and more entertaining than the original. And by no means is it as bad as people say it is! Shame this film didn’t follow suit. TO Robocop p BluRay. Okay, so very few people were confident about this remake. Corrected spelling and OCR errors.

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Corrected spelling and OCR errors. So how does this hold up? The original has such a huge fan base that a reboot seems like blasphemy to most.


In all other aspects it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity really. Also, on a side ehglish But watching the new one I never got rid of the feeling, that the remake is worth it. It is a whole new interpretation, that sets the focus on the topics of our time: Back to RoboCop – subtitle subtitlez.

Free of spam and authoring notations. Wubtitles one year ago 1 RARBG 3 years ago 1 RoboCop BluRay p 5. Just don’t get your hopes too high. The new RoboCop is a surprisingly good and entertaining sci-fi action thriller that appeals to the human heart by conveying emotions and the humanity side of Murphy, the main character who eventually becomes the titled cyborg law enforcer.

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Just fixed some OCR errors. XviD-EVO 3 years ago 1 TO Robocop p BluRay. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle RoboCop. It’s not a bad film per se, it’s just painfully average and therefore unable to get out from the vast shadow of its forebear and like the Total Recall remake, it tries too hard too often to remind you of the original whilst offering nothing new to compete with it.

Hearing arch criminals talk without any swearing pulls me out if the film and destroys any sense of realism. That’s why Padilha gives Murphy more of a face, a life and feelings.

Would something like The Wire work if it was aimed at a teenage audience? English Blu-ray 3 years ago 1 The new black tactical design of Robocop is found to be acceptable and nice The best bits revolve around Murphy’s initial awakening as a cyborg which are very well done indeed.

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This movie really dives into the question of how a person could live his day to day live with almost all of his body amputated and stuck inside of a machine. Why give him yifj massive upload at such a crucial time? It’s far from perfect, but it is way improved.


ActionSci-FiThriller Countries: AC3-EVO 3 years ago 1 This was GB spell checked and synced, for Ganool 5. Subtitle Preview 1 Yeah, I get it, subtitlex a reboot of a perfectly good 80s movie that nobody really wanted, but it’s a really good one!

ActionSci-FiThriller Countries: It became even more obvious how much the RoboCop story exists within the topos of Frankenstein which is the story about the human devilment and the lack of respect of life. XviD-2LOW 3 years ago 1 This shows clearly that gritty subject matter is not befitting of a teenage rating and similar target audience.

There is also little chemistry between Alex and Clara Murphy both before and after his transformation.

Sony Pictures Releasing Company: When I watched Man of Steel at about the 50 minute mark I realised I hadn’t heard John Williams classic Superman theme but also realised that this was a new take on the Superman mythos that didn’t need to borrow from it’s wubtitles. Having felt much trepidation about the direction the remake was going in PG rating in particular I went in with gobocop low expectations but still something of an open mind as I really wanted this reboot to faithfully kick-start a new, successful Robocop franchise.