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How apt that each member ends up with a dog that looks eerily similar to themselves, like GD and a poodle or Haha and the Yorkshire terrier? Team Daesung returns with their choice fried potato and Ji-hyo requests that Kwang-soo stay farrr away from her. Laughed my way through this ep. Seung-ri definitely was the most animated and funny of the three BB members this time! Then Gary gave her the kiss and everyone was like woohoo! Kath September 21, at 5: He was really fun to watch this episode with his muddy mohawk and fail jump roping skills.

Raptor September 22, at 2: D however I’m a bit skeptical about something. I didn’t think about Ji-hyo having a chance to win either. Nice that Ji-hyo’s reward for winning so many episodes was that she was treated like a princess and still ended up winning the gold , but I would have preferred to see her not literally dressed as a princess. So his team opts to dance to a trot song instead, which is both adorable and hilarious. I know Monday Couple but SpartAce is a thing???

Finally, the boys decide upon Gary to choose the card Ji-hyo will burn. The last game is nothing special, except for the priceless expression when unlucky Jong kook gets the ACE!! We Got Married Hangul: Isn’t it interesting too that the dog Jong Kook chose dominated over the other dogs too when it came to drinking water from the bowl Please enter your username or email address.

Episodw reading these comments, I may have to watch it again. Several strong RM EPs in a row must have some effect on the ratings not that I can ever see this show being canceled. Happy Together 3 Hangul: That’s why Gary can do that. They set off simultaneously, but then Jae-suk stalls the other team to give GD time to return first.


That shot with Jong-kook holding up 1663 Ace card is priceless. KJKFan November 24, at 3: GD is really cute with the aegyo.

Running Man Ep Eng Sub () Korean Kshow

Too bad teh movie was shit. Also I love the attention on Ji Hyo! I hope the episode dedicated to ji hyo will be one where she could be more active and could show her usual self. I laughed from beginning to end!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

P but it’s all in good fun. When Jong-kook picked her up at the start of the show, I was thinking that Monday Couple days were coming to an end, with SpartAce pairing being the new RM pairing. This was such an outstanding episode! It works, and Ji-hyo chooses them. Well, this was a fun episode.

Running Man

Torvaltz November 22, at 8: D And why wasn’t I surprised taht Ji Hyo won in the end? I know it’s an excellent RM when I pull up DB and see Gummimochi’s newest RM recap and a big smile comes over my face just thinking about all the funny for the episode! Thankfully to me, this was one bad episode in a string of really good ones. It came out not too long after she joined the company over a year ago now.


Hahaha, oh this is fantastic—Team Daesung belatedly returns with jjamjjapong aka a half-jjajangmyun, half jjamppong dish. Something strange happens when Gary and GD runs as the distance between the mat and basket widen. Ji Hyo is aooo cute when she give an answer to youngie. Ji-hyo currently holds 4 cards ranked in her hand. You won’t hear me complaining about that.

The running on water game had me in stitches with them pulling the mat back, then Kwang Soo rolling it up, then parting it in the middle. Jihyo totally deserves to be treated like a queen princess and I’m super glad she won.

At the end of the first round, Ji-hyo is in the lead rjnning I am so happy Ji Hyo was the queen of the episode! He’s so adorable and shy but all the while totally lovable and awesome!

Now nice and dry, The cast gathers at the final mission location. It had absolutely nothing to do with using your brain.

Big Bang were good sports, especially for that first challenge. Sadly, Ji Hyo already has a boyfriend: