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However, that didn’t stop HER from becoming a pirate. Since then he hid his face with the iron mask until he would get revenge on Sanji. During their stay, they meet an old enemy Hatchan, his friends Keimi and Papaggu, and the first mate of Gold Roger, Silvers Rayleigh, as well as 9 rookie pirates known as the “11 Supernovas”. Meanwhile, Luffy and his crew prepare for a deadly battle with one of the Warlords of the Sea! It’s no new news around these parks. Luffy apologizes to his crew, knowing that an Admiral will now be called to the island, but they brush it off; the guards move to attack them on Roswald’s orders, while the other auction attendees flee the building though the two other pirate crews stay to watch.

Shakki tells the gang to wait and resumes beating up the two guys in front of Chopper and the starfish, while they spewed out blood. While the nobility recoils in disgust, Charloss shoots him, gloating about obtaining a Fish-man slave. They start kicking and torturing the dead slave, and Luffy struggles to not interfere. And will he ever see them again? She also mentions her mysterious friend, the coating mechanic, who is stronger than all 11 Supernovas put together! Luffy notices a wound on Hachi’s head to which Hachi tells them not to mind it and also to treat Camie and himself like humans. That way, the story will be less boring and we wouldn’t have to deal with all the flashbacks.

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It’s odd that all of them are showing up at the exact same place at the exact same time,” the random guy answered, finishing is booze. The human auction finally begins, and it is only then that the Straw Hats discovered that their mermaid friend is being sold off at Grove 1.

Nami notes to Robin that Camie has been on edge since they arrived on the island, and that she and Hachi are concealing the fact that they are a mermaid and Fishman.

The proceedings are then interrupted when Luffy and his Flying Episoxe crash into the auction house, but he is restrained from rushing the stage by Hatchan, who accidentally reveals his Fish-man nature in the process.

The Sunny’s Super Secret Weapon: The battered and beaten Straw Hats could certainly use a powerful friend right about now.

They arrive to find their mikoshi destroyed, and Brook remembers that he was once part of Thriller LTD before trying to leave and being thrown in a river by Hogback, Perona and Absalom. Zoro’s barely breathing, and Admiral Kizaru is ready to stomp him into oblivion. Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru arrives at the Archipelago That way, the story will be less boring epiwode we wouldn’t have to deal with all the flashbacks.


Get Known if you don’t have an account. Admiral Kizaru appears in the Archipelago and demonstrates his mysterious light abilities before taking on the Supernova Basil Hawkins, while Urouge and Drake fight a Pacifista.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Season 11, Episode The Truth of the Unmasked Duval” Transcription: Who they saw by the entrance was a man with long, golden hair that was wearing a white coat with ruffles that reviewed his muscular chest and a pair of purple pants. Pisce Rockies from the newspaper, everyone been talking non-stop about?

Backstage are Camie and the other human merchandise, including the coating mechanic, Silvers Rayleigh, former first mate of Gold Roger himself.

A Sea Rabbit attacks them, and after they defeat it, it spits out a mermaid named Camie and her starfish pet, Pappagu. Kamen ni Kakusareta Dyubaru no Shinjitsu ” Japanese: Meanwhile Luffy, Brook, Chopper and Hachi run into a runaway slave who is begging for someone to take off his slave collar. Brook, having heard of the Straw Episoe adventures while reading their logbook, and not pirce to become a burden to them in the New World, decides to help out around the ship, but ends up causing problems with whatever he tries to do.

They win with the help of its special abilities, and Luffy sends Hogback, Perona and Absalom flying for disrupting the festival. You need to login to do this.

Luffy Roronoa Zoro Nami. Before he can parkk or kill any of them, sagaody, Sentomaru finally gets in touch with him and informs him that their main targets are the Straw Hats, so Kizaru leaves to confront them instead since they are his main priority.

However, that didn’t stop HER from becoming a pirate. Wanting to repay them someday, Duval gives Sanji the number for his Transponder Snail so they can call him if needed before his group takes their leave.

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Add to Watchlist Added. Luffy apologizes to his pidce, knowing that an Admiral will now be called to the island, but they brush it off; sabaodg guards move to attack them on Roswald’s orders, while the other auction attendees flee the building though the two other pirate crews stay to watch. Luffy begs everyone else to flee, but Sanji attacks Kuma in fury and is knocked backwards by his paws, after which Kuma vanishes Usopp; when Sanji tries to attack him again, he is sent away as well.


Garp locked himself in his office and took a seat on the couch there. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! Kuma uses his ability to make the other Pacifista and the rest of the Straw Hats disappear, while Luffy struggles desperately to protect them and Rayleigh is occupied dealing with Kizaru.

The auction starts, with Supernovas Kid and Killer and Law as well as a few of their other men and the Celestial Dragons from earlier Roswald, Shalria, and Charloss among those in attendance. All present kneel before him as is custom, but when a group of doctors carry a badly injured patient past him to the emergency room without bowing, Charloss knocks the injured man off the stretcher onto the ground, claims the pretty female nurse treating him for his 13th wife, and shoots her fiance when he tries to protest.

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The first opening, a cover version of the first opening theme “We Are! Rayleigh agrees to coat the Straw Hats’ ship for free, but since it’s a three-day process, the crew decides to leave Shakky’s bar, head to town, and split up in order to lay low as much as possible, each taking a piece of Rayleigh’s vivre card so they can meet up more easily.

Z One Piece Film: Strong World One Piece Film: Ace, to execution, which is certain to incite a war between Whitebeard and the Marines. Later, the Straw Hats, Camie, Pappagu, and Hachi celebrate with the latter’s takoyaki, with Nami making it clear that she hasn’t completely forgiven Hachi for everything he did but nonetheless being civil to him.

Duval reveals that he was once a small-time bandit until Sanji’s wanted poster came to light. Elsewhere, the other nine Supernovas engage in various antics around the town.

Rayleigh introduces himself to the Straw Hats, frees Camie from her collar, and notes that he is the coating engineer that they have been looking for. Retrieved April 18, In an episods involving the auction of Keimi, the crew and the pirates are attacked by top members of the Marines, including Bartholomew Kumaone of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.