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The folks at the tour agency were extremely friendly and eager to help me. Race results for this event will become live here when they are submitted to Race-Calendar. Argentines play lots of soccer regardless of other activities and the fast twitch muscle they create from this game of quick sprinting carries over to racing and had put me in a predicament where I was simply trying to maintain on the first 6km mounatin climb. Squinting in the brightness of endless snow-white Andes peaks and deep-blue glacial lakes, I picked up my pace and ran hard toward a ski lift that marks the summit of the course. I was very impressed! Subscribe To Our Race Notifications. For this edition, the organisation made a few changes in the path that added some tecnical difficulties to the runners.

Patagonia Eventos Race Website: I was hard charging all the way to the finish, but the effort was not enough to make back the gain Todd Holmes another American had put on me during my struggles early in the race. The 42K 26 miles has a total elevation gain of about 10, feet as it traverses the mountains behind Villa La Angostura and climbs a peak called Cerro Bayo, site of a small ski resort. Luciano Pared Gualeguay 1h19m46 Women leadership 1. Me at the start at Lago Espejo, near the Argentina-Chile border. Or if only I had taken the tree bridge and stayed dry.

Since the mountain base is at approximately feet altitude is not much of an issue. Keystone Resort 10k Trail Race. By the time the trail widened to a dirt road and evened out, I was ready to run.

If one looks at a map they will see that the southern end of Chile and Argentina, which is the Patagonia region, is further south than both New Zealand and Australia.

In view of the World Cup to be held in November during the K42 Adventure Marathon, the Salomon Salkmon Series have launched the calendar with 12 races that will cover different landscapes and terrain, so that athletes can choose the one they prefer: After a feeble attempt by the salomonn of us, I realized I was not? Subscribe To Our Race Notifications. The trails are well maintained and in some place ropes were put up to help safely negotiate several steep slippery descents. This is true of most of Patagonia; here you see nature unscathed by humans.

As Cesar, the owner of Quest Patagonia the adventure travel company which arranged my visit told me prior to the race,?


The only significant land mass farther south than Patagonia is Antarctica. August 14th, Tags: Adveture addition, the stages will automatically assign to the winners places to dispute the Salomon K42 Adventure Marathon in November, both 15 kilometers and Patagonia marqthon called the uttermost part of the world because of the distance south of the equator. Please see my Gift Guide for additional recommended products. It filled every air pocket in my shoes, and when I pulled my foot free and took a step forward, dozens of tiny pebbles poked my soles.

Race Facilities Has Toilets? The snowfalls from the days before the race gave a nice framework. Race results for this event will become live marwthon when they are submitted to Race-Calendar. At five minutes until 9 am over runners toed the starting line dwarfed by the inflatable Gatorade and Quilmes the local beer bottles promoting these two race sponsors.

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From my perspective this is a must-do marathon for runners looking for a beautiful challenging run in a foreign country. The organization was top-notch! Yes Has Changing Facilities? Other racers and I jockeyed for position in the first meters, which was run on loose sand before we took a sharp left jumping over a log and onto a dirt road which began the first of many uphill climbs in the race. After crossing the river, we began a steep single track descent which caused me to swing from tree to tree as I saloon my way down the steep, muddy and slick trail.

I have run this marathon, and I want to add my comments about it. After you have taken part in this race, you may leave a review in the same box, so that runners looking back on this event in future years on this website may see how you found marathin Cristian Mohamed made an incredible race. I felt even better when I learned I had finished as the tenth woman the winning woman was from Brazil, in the 35 — 39 age category, with a time of 4: Get a feel for the event by reading the press review below and get inspired by seeing the photos: Salmon local town is patterned after a European ski village and is extremely charming and chock full of restaurants with extremely good but very inexpensive food by USA standards marzthon, especially if you like beef or trout.

He decided not to be a part of the 42 kilometers because of a pain in one of his knees. Advsnture athletes lived an incredible battle: The first seeded runners assembled in a corral up front, followed by the 42K runners and then those doing the 15K.


I ran up a dirt road advehture the base of a ski lift and finally reached the course summit. It was challenging, exotic, with different scenery than I? You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In fact running the first serious mountain climb of the race, I was suffering.

I later found out they were saying? Cesar took care of our travel details and did a great job with it, not to mention that he’s just a great guy. In the final mile. Morgan crossed the finish with a big smile on his face read his race report acventure, and we both agreed this was one of the best destination marathons ever, reminding us of why we love to run advennture and motivating us to travel adventurre an extraordinary corner of the world.

I had no choice but to pull over, sit down, take off my shoes and pull up my socks. I was hard charging all the way to the finish, but the effort was not enough to make back the gain Todd Holmes another American had put on me during my struggles early in the race.

Get Moving for H.

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The procedure only took a minute, but five or six people I had worked hard to pass on the single-track sped by as I messed around with my shoes, so I was stuck in the back of their conga line again.

Or support your independent bookstore by purchasing through IndieBound. A little excited at the start of the race, I believe I went out a little fast trying to stay close to the leaders.

Participants, generally from Chile and Buenos Aires, are extremely friendly and generally well trained. I stayed in a small hotel just outside of town with about 4 rooms. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I was clueless about the Salomon K42 Adventure Race series until just three weeks before this final event, which Salomom and I stumbled upon through a Google search for Patagonia running.

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