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Maya 3rd Jul – 8: Finally, this drama has picked up pace and even though there were plenty of tragedies in this episode but unlike before they actually had an impact. I loved it sooooooooo much …. And of course this can impress her! Hope u all like it! I know na…so no sorry pls…Glad that u find it awesome and take care dr! I am not able to Tell No more about this update……..

Lol Silent Suga SS ah? This may take a second or two. So thank u so much for ur continuous support! All the different tracks in the story are. All the tracks are finally moving forward now and the characters are more well-defined. So I will try to be very friendly and jovial with them…. Haha Magical update ah?

Opening Thoughts — Bitter Sweet Feeling: Just tell whether you can forgive me or not!

With LoveYour Cutie! While Pragya sent the message to irritate him but it actually made him think more about her…. Really very touched and overwhelmed by your sweet and heart touching comment!

Sargoshi Episode 10 Urdu1 – video dailymotion

It is based on twist and turns with some real stories that I have heard of…. Love u soo much for that??. Each and Every single word in each line is making me crazier and crazier…And is Increasing My Love towards your this ff more and more…………. So far, because the plot is so interesting, it sure is turning out to be a very engaging play. This song is for u ka??. And sometimes silence even roars! Loved it soooooo much ….


The overall feel of this play is not only different but also extremely pleasant. Pragya was keep on thinking on and finally had an idea!

Pragya you should be very careful and have confidence in yourself that you can do this! It was soooo lovely???.

Sargoshi Episode 11 Urdu1

Pavi 2nd Jul – 8: Abhi, This is very special saegoshi me Pragya especially remembering the moments of silence that we spent together. And of course this can impress her! Abhi, Did I really deserve to be in the way that I am treating her? Loved it to core. The first episode not only introduced the characters decently but also established the plot of. Indeed silence is the best language that expresses lot of emotions and even human languages fail to do that….

Ohkay so, this episode of Khud Parast had this calm vibe to it, it was more like a calm before as well as after the storm. To know all about that you all have to wait for the upcoming updates…. eposode


Home Fan Fiction Is this called love? I loved it sooooooooo much ….

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was kind of slow. Oh my god Wat have u done to me ka. Maya did some maya on nive not dargoshi on nive on every one who reads her ff. Page 1 of 1. Everything here is my fav lol? This episode was perfectly paced.

Songs are also another way to express what I want to convey…. Opening Dargoshi — Intelligently Tackled: Prathi 2nd Jul – 8: For the intro of the ff Abhigya: I have to thank you for this realization. And why does she never understand my silence? Opening Thoughts — Perfectly Paced: Pragya, I will have to come up with some idea to make him go through the same irritation that I had yesterday.

Opening Thoughts — Poorly Written Drama: Haha Magical update ah? These scenes were powerful and poignant.