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Learn how to connect your accounts. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 8 – December 12, How do I publish content on my topic? Watch the entire episode here to know more. Later it turns out that all of them have gifted Vihaan his favourite blue shirt and Vihaan wears all the shirts at the same time to keep them all happy. The ‘pundit’ goes on to tell them that Vihaan will be meeting the girl before them.

Later, Vihaan reaches home and sees his mothers preparing for a surprise on his birthday. He also deletes the photos. Watch the entire episode and find out if, Narmada and others will let the celebrations take place. Meanwhile, Aarushi is upset about another of her proposals being rejected. Learn how to share your curation rights. Vihaan gets tea for Aarushi and meets her at her office. However, Vihaan gets alert when she tells him that she has got the details of his house address from the bank, and she is right now waiting downstairs to meet his mother. Soon, Aarushi reaches the scene and sees him there.

Watch the entire episode here to watch the entire episode. Vihaan goes on an early morning walk and reads a newspaper article in which a girl describes her love for New Delhi. Sharing your scoops to your social media accounts is a must to distribute your curated content.

To The Point – 10th March – video dailymotion

Aarushi, satrwngi is the actual ‘Dil Wali Kudi’, tries to dissuade Vihaan from taking part in the competition but fails to do so. However, Vihaan’s mothers start making plans to send gifts to the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and at the same time, Vihaan’s Tai Maa feels that the Dil Wali Kudi’s ominous presence has brought the injuries upon Vihaan. Rajkumar’s father gets furious and cancels the marriage and Prahlad later lies to his family that Rajkumar’s father had asked for a lot of dowry.

Watch the entire episode to know if Vihaan will let the meeting, that he has been trying to avoid all this while, take place. We’ll suggest content based on your keywords.


Meanwhile, Prahlad begins to hit his wife for hiding all her jewellery, but just then Aarushi’s grandfather enters the room and reveals that he has deposited the jewellery in the bank so that Prahlad cannot take it away.

Meanwhile, Aarushi spends some time with her grandfather and he tells her that he is sure about her father being involved in the rejections that she is facing but Aarushi feels differently about it. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Learn more sausral the different options. While, Vihaan spends time with Aarushi he asks his driver Sarthi to take his place and meet the girl whom he was suppose to meet regarding his marriage. Good Morning Have a nice day.

Aarushi finds Vihaan worried and tries to talk him out of his worry. That night both Arushi and Vihaan are confused regarding each other and they speak to their loved ones and ask them swsural guide them.

Maa’ Word Se Hai Tv Ki Senior Actress Ko Problem – Satrangi Sasural

Later, we learns that Vihaan’s father had left his mother on that date and hence celebrations were prohibited on that date. He feels releived to know that his Dadi has got a good impression of Aarushi. Just when Vihaan’s is about to enter the venue, Girish along with Gattu reach the scene and attack him from behind.

Publishing quality and relevant content you curate on a regular basis will develop your online visibility and traffic. Satrangi Sasural – Sawural 28 – January 9, He does not disturb them and enters only after they are ready. Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team. On the other hand, Vihaan is excited to episods the writer of his favourite articles. You can enter several keywords and you can refine them whenever you want. He discusses with her about the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’.

In excitement, Vihaan gets out of his car and begins to run towards the venue to reach as quickly as possible, while Aarushi begins to panic.


How do I follow my topics’ performance? The two of them eventually realize that Aarushi does not have any money left. Later, All of Vihaan’s seven mothers are extremely worried regarding Vihaan’s marriage and they decide to call the pundit and find out about about Vihaan’s future.

Aarushi later decides to epieode Vihaan’s mother and tries to call him but he does not pick the call as he is sleeping. Aarushi goes to meet Vihaan after finishing her prayers at the temple. Will the girl agree to marry a boy from a house that has seven mothers? Satrangi Sasural – Episode 15 – December 23, Vihaan later learns that the old man had been treated horribly by his sons, and Vihaan decides to take matter into his hands. Amazing happy birthday pictures free download.

Can I make a topic hidden or private? Next day is Vihaan’s Maasi Maa, Neelima’s birthday. No tag on any scoop yet.

He tells her that he has sasurql part in the contest to win a meeting with the writer of the article. On the morning of first day of the New Year, Dadi Maa does a bit of charity and later gets a VIP treatment in order to enter the temple.

Satrangi Sasural

Later that night, Vihaan and Aarushi chat sasutal each other through messages. Vihaan who has not yet revealed his true identity, calls this stealing and gets upset with her. Meanwhile, Sarathi seems to be having a tough time with the girl and the girl too gets confused seeing Sarathi’s weird behaviour.

Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance. Later, Aarushi goes to the Vatsala wears office but Vihaan does not come in front of her.