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That this complexity was negated in the past is comprehensible, since ethnic minorities need to show a well recognizable and unified public face in order to gain acceptance. Il critico si sofferma diffusamente su Berecche e la guerra, novella che ha per protagonista un professore dalle fantasie filogermaniche, per molti aspetti simile allo stesso scrittore, posto di fronte al dilemma della guerra. Era una posizione di estrema fatica. After the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale persisted in researching the health conditions of British troops throughout the Empire. The paper concludes by suggesting that in progressing towards sustainable and ubiquitous healthcare informatics we need to study history in order to learn from the lessons of Florence Nightingale and other healthcare pioneers. These themes are illustrated through her letters to and testimony about Dr. Atti della II giornata di studi muratoriani Vignola, 23 ottobre

Among the many religious communities spread throughout Renaissance Florence by the population of nuns in the city had reached 2, , Le Murate was an institution of crucial importance, because of its strong bonds with the most prominent families of the time. Healthcare occupations have higher rates of workplace bullying WPB , and intimidating behavior across healthcare settings has been shown to foster medical errors, increase the cost of care, and contribute to poor patient satisfaction and preventable adverse outcomes. Effective use of an interpersonal tool, such as advocacy, enhances the care-giving environment. However, our results showed that individuals, which departed early from their non-breeding sites and arrived early at the breeding site closely matched spring green-up there. For example, in one of the numerous descriptions of the landscape, Quartermaine translates: Although obviously not negating the need for tabulated data, the graphic representation put forward here successfully supplements featureless tabulated lists of abbreviations and can be updated easily and regularly.

The idea and the book are a beautiful defense of dialect in an age of globalization and homogeneity. Pazzu book is divided into four sections. The book offers an overview of on contemporary Dante Studies from various countries, and it thus shows how different approaches, from Italy and from the Anglo-Saxon scholarship, can exchange results. Mystic, Visionary, Healer, relates the dramatic tale of Nightingale s use of statistics to understand the causes of deaths in the Crimean War and of her advocacy to standardize the collection of medical data within the army and in civilian hospitals.

Ross sees the Weeping Castle episode as “an allegory of social pressure” in which the victorious Tristan, rather than eliminating an evil custom of judicial murder, conforms to the custom by beheading the defeated lord and lady of the castle.

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Passate in rassegna le recensioni di Calvino, la Ferrara inquadra questa nuova poetica. The references are to the English translation alone, but this is closely spaced to follow the Italian so that a reader wishing to follow the Italian can easily place the notes.


This article will discuss her life and work in the context of her mystical practice and to show the parallels between her life and the lives of three recognized women mystics. Employs Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, “The Nightingale ,” and the many lessons within it to help music educators design learning experiences that scientkficamente the development of musical expression.

Loftis, Dudley Randall, Askia M. The SMR for deaths from natural causes was 2.

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Sarebbe doveroso ricordare qui un evento singolare, ossia la pubblicazione, nello stesso mese e nella stessa settimana, della Piazza per i tipi della casa fiorentina Olschki a cura di Giovan Battista Bronzini, con la collaborazione di Pina De Meo e Luciano Carcereri, in due grossi volumi: The first major issue is consistency, which the text lacks entirely.

While Ross remarks that “Malory seems to have missed pazzj point” 30 of the earlier text, he leaves the reader curious to hear more about the point Malory may have been trying to make. Narratori delle pianureQuattro novelle sulle apparenzeVerso la foceCinema naturaleand Costumi ecientificamente italiani At the same time, however, he accelerated the process towards a wide adoption of Latin Christianity by pushing Muslims to accept the concessions made by his predecessor William to the Bishop of Monreale.

The historical role of medicine as primary clinical leader and decision maker is particularly entrenched in the Western health care system. The sacre rappresentazioni, plays representing the lives of saints or biblical episodes, now attract the interest of scholars since the elaboration of biblical and hagiographical models can provide significant insights into the cultural environment in which they were produced.

Leave it to Florence. Nursing journals have been prominent in promoting inaccurate accounts of the contribution of Seacole to nursing.

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In the first chapter, Stoppino concentrates on Bradamante as a female warrior in the Furioso and recalls her appearance as such in the cantari and poemi cavallereschi. Results Patient mean age at the time of the accident was He argues for the need to look at the research of religious historians to understand artistic texts in an utterly different way.

Esile, interessante collezione, questa. However, the tower of Santa Maria Maggiore now remains freestanding and it is one of the earliest of a series of medieval passage towers. True, there are occasional lapses, as when Murphy borrows from Foucault in discussing poetic inspiration Nella parte centrale di “Inediti” lo stesso Manacorda presenta una lettera inedita di Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Italy and the Bourgeoisie.

Most of the reactions in each viewpoint were: Beginning with a look at the macro-structure, i. Recently, a new case of this disease was diagnosed in Anton Francesco Mariaa probable illegitimate member of the family.

While there is of course a world-wide Dante industry Iannucci notes that at least 1, publications on Dante appeared between and [x]there is a peculiar vitality to English-language Dante scholarship, a sense of new questions, new approaches, new results, new discoveries.


They all recognized the importance of sculpture for the urban landscape. Lightcurve Analysis and Preliminary Model. Mancini, Massimo Maggiari, and John P.

Gibellini sottolinea come il personaggio e il suo autore siano accomunati dalla ricerca di un senso ultimo delle cose, in un mondo travolto dallo scetticismo copernicano.

A working lexicon of vituperative motifs is then gleaned from close readings of three sonnets by the Florentine caposcuola of derisive verse, Rustico Filippi ca. The result is the most comprehensive analysis of the six tenzone sonnets within the larger Italian literary tradition to date. Apart from sketchy comments in the footnotes, the “edition” lacks a critical apparatus.

For example, in her entry on Dante, Regina F. Each selection is presented with a brief page introduction that situates the work in its historical, cultural and linguistic context, often noting inspirations and influences across time.

Using the notion of uniqueness rather than unity, and her conception of the relation between narrative and a specifically Arendtian politics, Cavarero negotiates a delicate path between postmodern fragmentation and traditional unity and opens up a space for a new understanding of identity.

Nissen devotes particular attention to Boccaccio, whose Fiammetta and Filocolo helped shape the prose romance genre in Italian. In the area of Florence there is an effect of deprivation level of survival for median-better prognosis cancers, for tumours diagnosed under 50 years and for unmarried people compared to unmarried ones.

However, our results showed that individuals, which departed early from their non-breeding sites and arrived early at the breeding site closely matched spring green-up there. The most serious problem facing The King of Love and Other Tales is scientifivamente its intended audience is unclear; it is impossible to say whether the translators have done their work with schoolchildren or oazzi in mind.

It includes a detailed description of the day-to-day activities of the nuns, as well as their participation in the life of the city. The authors conclude that the bildungsroman as a genre continues to flourish in multi-cultural settings.

If, on one hand, this translation aims to function intrinsically as a commentary on the original, therefore reducing the need for the multiplicity of notes the Italian reader is accustomed to in traditional Italian critical editions, sciientificamente the other hand the reader now and then is left with some lingering textual concerns. Shallow-water seismoacoustic noise generated by tropical storms Ernesto and Florence. In her versions of the Dialogofor instance, she maintains scienificamente same paragraph breaks used in the manuscript, whereas Mordenti has inserted chapter breaks and even chapter titles of his own invention.