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Sonshoukou is getting a bit bored of the peace, and wants to fight some villains, much to the shock of Rikuson. With his final words, Roshoku tells Ryuubi to explore Mirisha, and become a true dragon. He proclaims himself Emperor, and touches the Gyokuji, resulting in a huge explosion of dark energy that kills Denpou in the blast. Denpou comments on how sly Soju is, and that after the plan is a success, Ryofu’s Team will clean up the mess. Back at the battle, the sworn brothers are getting tired from the endless attacks of the Ugan. Amused again, Ryofu duels Kan-u.

Ryuubi fears Kousonsan’s safety, and Chouhi notices a red hue in the sky. Amused, Ryofu duels Chouryou, but it is clear that Chouryou is no match to Ryofu. Kakuka is suspicious of Chouryou, fearing of possible backstabbing in the future. Sonken takes a look, and notices the emblem of Enjyutsu, with Shuuyu noticing Kirei commanding the fleet. Ryomou feels insulted and scratches Sonken’s armour, to which Sonken stresses that a Lord of Koutou does not harm his family. Somewhere else, Koumei notices the smoke from the Biujiyou, and comments that the star of tyranny has fallen, and that peace has returned to Mirisha. Kan-u’s overwhelming spirit allows him to easily overpower Shuusou with only one finger, impressing everyone. In his throne room, Enjyutsu gloats that with Ryofu, they will not reach him easily.

Chou-un reminds Ryuubi of the million troops Enshou has, to which Ryuubi stands firm in his decision. It’s nightfall at Kishuu, Enshou is enjoying some wine when his guard informs him that Enjyustu is currently at the castle gate, requesting an audience with him.

As the castle gates close, Enjyutsu begs to see his brother. The Ryuuteiken appears before Ryuubi’s feet; Bachou found it thanks to the dragon spirit. The episode ends with Enshou gloating that Yuushu’s peasant army is no match for his. Shuuyu declares a duel with Sousou, and Sousou accepts. However he is caught by two of Toutaku’s guards.


The episode recaps on how the 3 sworn brothers, Sousou, and Sonsaku intend to eipsode Enjyutsu’s tyranny, and attack Jushun. However Ryuubi stops him, saying that something is amiss. Chou-un then decides to join Kousonsan’s army, as the five set forth to the Biujiyou in Chouan. The 4 then notices a bird which is in fact Koumei’s Bakuoki.

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As Suikyou watch the two leave, Koumei steps out from hiding, and Suikyou asks if this was for the best. Sonsaku accepts, and a fierce duel commences. The fourth arc, the Sousou arc, lasts from episode 40 to episode 51, detailing Sousou’s ambition to unify the whole of Mirisha under his rule, that finally leads up to the climatic Battle of Red Cliffs.

The episode ends with Ryofu calling out Sousou. Kan-u comments on how tyrannical Toutaku is to injure his own troops, just as Ryofu is hit. Soon after, all of them arrived at Kyoshou. Rikuson thanks Sonshoukou, to sangokude she asks where his parents are. Sousou is further enraged as Ryuubi states that Sousou brsve the only one with a power bestowed from the Heavens, and that he will defeat Sousou once and for all.

Both are even matched, even after using their finishing techniques. Koumei asks what if about large fish invades, and Ryuubi states he will catch that too.

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Ryuubi does not falter, but even with their combined strength of 25, it’s still not enough against Sousou’s one million in strength. At the Alliance campsite, Shiba-i reads out the G Chronicles, about the Gyokuji, and the power it gives to those who possesses it.


Ryuubi, Chou-un and Chouhi continues their advance towards Sousou’s main camp. He then performs the Holy Trinity, and manages to strike Sousou, however before he can deal the finishing blow, Sousou blocks it, and notices that the Gyokuji resonates with Ryuubi’s spirit. Sonken duels Ryomou, while Sonshoukou frees Rikuson.

Saibou orders another arrow shower, but Kougai presses on. The West Wing is led by Sonken Zephyranthes, and he too decides to attack.

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Ryofu leaves, and reveals that the whole of his unit: Sonsaku carries on fighting, much to Ryofu’s surprise. Enjyutsu is in a panic at Kirei’s death, and orders Ryofu to dispose of Sonsaku and his army.

And coincidentally, Joshuu lies beyond the forest. When he regains consciousness, the two warriors introduced themselves: As Chou-un recovers from the explosion earlier, he sees Kousonsan, defeated. The episode begins with Sonshoukou Gerbera rushing towards the Anti-Toutaku campsite.

The episode ends with Sousou and Ryuubi clashing head-on once more. The 4 understands the situation, but insists on rushing over to save Kan-pei.