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The two persons represent the changing generations and the historical cultural heritages in shielding the sovereignty of Ethiopia. Mesffin Getachew is the script writer, the chief producer and director of the film. A common name for film in the United States is movie, while in Europe the term cinema is preferred. Additional terms for the field in general include the big screen, the silver screen, the cinema and the movies. Nahomi signify the coming of informed generation who able to differentiate the good and the bad, on racism and its resultant effect showing the contrast between the light and the surrounding darkness. As soon as the engineer left his office, the official calls to the chairman of the traitors that the research work is already in his hand. The competing narratives of history that the film eloquently presents is a solid foundation for better understanding of the continuing struggles in contemporary Ethiopia.

Many other terms exist for an individual motion picture, including picture, picture show, moving picture, photo-play and flick. Similarly, the alcoholic drinks consumed by the characters men and women have two fundamental functions. Abay is the Ethiopian name to Nile. Discourse is a wide horizon including many societal values emanating from the assumption that we all share commonalities using language. In the above quoted code, readers can easily understand the macro societal practices that are needed to be underlined. The determination of these governments foregrounds the passivity of the Ethiopian government in using the Blue Nile water for the profit of diplomacy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

The newspaper also dictates the unbalanced power relationship of the Blue Nile basin member countries. Natan has been suspected of. At the fifth level, the analyst will look at the social semiotics of the selected films.

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Natan and also to win back his former girlfriend Ms. The traitors themselves are talking that everybody and the newspapers are taking about the movoe. According to Global Policy Forum report, August,Egypt has maintained its monopoly over the Nile water by mobie regional instability by backing rebel groups in Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia for many years. In contrast to linguistic descriptions of texts, films have multiple sense appeal. Natan in a at the dance club drinks to forget Ms.

Firstly, the strategy of the present government in using the Blue Nile River is explicitly stated. The traitors do not talk any when they go to Bahir Dar for their aspiration of gaining millions of dollars ends with dream.

But, Branigan, cited in Prince,move. This fetes attitude endangers the life of Simba people who are living in Robin, in general, and the new love affair of the Simba doctor with a Robin lady named Ms. To begin with the meetings, the traitors have met four times in the course of the film. Their familial relations are spoiled. Beginning with a narrative of the two countries socio- historical ties, help the film to have compact factual information through digetic telling and showing means and help the audiences have some background information.


Posted by ethioforum on January xemayawi, The work of film theory became increasingly focused on deciphering the ideology at work inside the cinema’s deceptive and transparent appearance of reality van Dijk, The faces of actresses and actors vary to amplify the mixed races in Africa.

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Though there are many genres of film action, adventure, historical, romance, horror etc. Finding out the body of language utterances, symbols, visual images and other forms of semayasi in Zumara and Semayawi Feres.

Log In Sign Up. This represents that the problem of racism in Africa is wide spread in different regions of Africa.

This research work has general and specific objectives that are stated below. The flags in general connote the need to consider national benefits and sovereignty of the country rather than other political and diplomatic maneuvers needed by governments at a particular historical period, as the Ethiopian flag represents all Ethiopian in the past, the present and the future. The agreements signed in different times between Egypt and Sudan before 50 years benefits the two countries to use the river and prohibit other countries not to use the river beyond their will, many Eastern Africa countries, however, are forwarding their opposition towards it.

Thus, this research work aimed at narrowing the research gap in the study of Ethiopian films for there was not a single study which saw the discursive practices and other social issues from the perspective of CDA and semiotics.

Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre because they include a broad spectrum of films which conform to the societal values of Ethiopia. Similarly, the alcoholic drinks consumed by the characters men and women have two fundamental functions. Linguistic models, in other words, are not requisite for explaining how we respond to and make sense out of pictorial information, nor even for describing how we encode visual information for long-term memory storage such that it can be subsequently retrieved.

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Fiske and Hartley argue that: Thus, the central opposition is racism with two opposites: Shrum semayzwi, cited in Allen and Lincolinsays that quality standards and quality judgments are ultimately created within the context of discourse. The bronze cup represents locality, nationality and historicity of Ethiopian heritages.

Critical recognition helps to see historical significance, economic and political maneuvers, and ferds values, etc. Natan to be careful for there appear strong enemies against him he is surprised, depressed and frustrated. Inthe United Nations adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities and suggested that States should try to accommodate their ethnically diverse populations through democratic governance Okafor, Joseph in the way to hand Ms.


There is a little space in between the first person and the rest of the persons in queues. The second meaning derives from her father speech when he says that the Blue Nile Fall is so dangerous. Ferez, the Ethiopian Film Corporation was established movei two sections, one for news and propaganda; and the other for art productions, the latter only produced one feature film called Aster.

Efres first person wears a white and red cloth, while the second one is in black. The first thematic issue is war. A common name for film in fefes United States is movie, while in Europe the term cinema is preferred. In addition to the visual elements of cinema that give motion pictures a universal power of communication, films have become worldwide popular attractions by using subtitles that translate the dialogue Wikipedia, Thinking everything made by human beings as social construct that signify certain social, cultural, economic and political discourses of the society, the researcher has tried to dig out implicit meanings of the films based on the semiotic features employed mivie the films.

Because of this basic reason, the researcher changed his mind and focused on the films which are already on sale via Compact Disks CDs. The corrupted official Mr.

The linguistic model has proven to be a very powerful paradigm for the analysis of images and larger film structures e. In film and television, paradigms include ways of changing shot such as cut, fade, dissolve and wipe.

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In addition to the map of Africa, there are also background African music and African dances which reinforce the universality of racism and war across Africa. According to Irvin, signification is a process, a product, and a social event, not something closed, static, or completed once and for all occurring in the encoding and decoding process.

Here follows the semiotic Critical Discourse Analysis of the film by giving the brief background information and synopsis of the film at first. The hare metaphorically represents the Egyptian and in some way the Sudanese exploitation of the resource water using different strategies of their own agreement, diplomacy, using other international institutions as an umbrella to exercise their missions, to mention some. Conversely, Fireselam is the angel who primarily collaborates with the traitors and eventually seeks to stop bloodshed and runs to the achievements of engineer Iskinder research work.

One of the possible parameter is discourse.