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BBCode All credit goes to Sacred. Ian Sinclair as Shiho Kimizuki. To start the training of the Cursed Gears, the Shinoa squad moves outside the wall to keep the damage to a minimum in case their demons get the best of them. Loved the OST playing during it. John Friedmann as Seishiro Hiragi ep 8. Btw, Actually a lot of things happened. Maybe a normal human would die, but he’s an experiment of some kind and probably has abilities we don’t know yet. The beginning of the episode was great

Hirofumi Araki Action Animation Director: The mood is more intense this time, so here’s to hoping that the next episode can keep going as this pace. Not enough tho I guess. Nick Creamer has the details. That next ep preview looks soo cool. Sabine Gutberlet as Sayuri Hanayori. Kaito Ishikawa as Shiho Kimizuki. Lauren Allison as Chess Belle.

Hory shittu, the feels. Micah Solusod as Yuichiro Hyakuya. To get a head start against vampires, Kureto orders Guren to go to Nagoya.

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Season 1, Episode 10 – Seraph of the End: He has a sadistic streak so he could do it just to piss Yu off and through him get Mika riled up as well. This video has been licensed to ShareTV for setaph purposes.

Charles Mendiant as Lacus. God damn it I missed the first half!!! Third season would be great but if they do this again it may not be enjoyable at all. Hiroshi Naka as Esther Lee ep But, i know that he still alive.


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Anime Spotlight – Seraph of the End: Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yoichi Saotome. Yu’s stepping out of his lines once again to save Guren, and the reactions to when he tye the pills were done well. God, this MC is really killing my vibe. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Daniel Mancilla Jeremy Jimenez.

Top it off the animation when the camera faced his back was derpy as fuck, it looked like it turned into a fucking Otaku mid-shot. And it wasn’t well back at all, people who have been dealing with these things while he was cattle don’t go that far, what makes you so special?

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This, however, is t Verification code check your email for the verification code. Yuu decides to go save Guren, takes two pills and dies. The female Nobles are pretty badass, even I have to admit a bit of that.

The mood is more intense this time, so here’s to hoping that the next episode can keep going as this pace. Animation was awful this episode. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Atsumi Tanezaki as Sayuri Nwgoya.


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That Guren is hilarious lol “When I’m alive i can do a lot of things like shit”. They must think we’re pretty stupid to try and make us believe it like that. Episde god the feeels when Shinya had to leave Guren. Kaitlan Estes Language Asset Manager: Read Less Full Episode.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wnd. Works Production Reed R. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. Okay, not really bc we all know he’s not dead but still.

There’s dubed be a novel about that in December. The kind of event where your heart stops beating for a while but then suddenly jump starts back up again.