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The DJ fans ought to really go for this one, judging by the spoiler info. Best Supporting Performance — Male”. Carter’s office room in the same episode was right down the hall from the conference room. Neither region has commentaries for “Threads”. Lee says, “Thankfully [the plant] hasn’t eaten anyone yet. Andy Mikita is known to shoot much coverage because he likes having the choices during cut-and-edit.

Rya’c plans to marry a woman of the Hak’tyl , which makes Teal’c angry. Stargate SG-1 episodes American television seasons American television seasons Stargate seasons Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons. Major Carter is released by Fifth. Having recently acquired the Tok’ra symbiote poison, the Trust plan to steal the Stargate and eliminate the Jaffa. Anubis escapes the SGC through the Stargate, though Carter alters his destination to a frozen, barren planet. In the middle of their trip, the Prometheus picks up a distress signal and Hammond Prometheus Unbound 28 Jan

Cooper already had in mind for the part of Camulus in three of the first four episodes of season 8.

Stargate Sg-1 S08E12 Prometheus Unbound

Oh god, this episode sounds terrible. Daniel gets captured again on the Prometheus can’t wait to hear what they concoct to get him on the Prometheus without the rest of his team, this should good, not! She uses a zat gun to disable but not kill the crew, and transports them off the ship unharmed.

Who are the aliens to whom Vala was going to sell the Prometheus? Simply renaming the character to “Walter Davis” did not clear, so he was renamed to “Walter Harriman” after Hammond had called him “Airman”, which sounds similar to “Harriman”, in the pilot episode.

Results 1 to 20 of Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Airing “Affinity” first creates the minor continuity error of Daniel already knowing the name, disclosed in “Covenant”, of the newly formed Trust. The set decorators changed the graphics and lighting to make the set show some of the 28 different levels of the SGC. The DJ fans ought to really go for this one, judging by the spoiler info.


Last edited by shockwave; June 3rd, at sy1 The horse shoe form of the dune had been established by another television project called Legend of Promethheus. Watch Now With Prime Video. Carter is abducted by Fifth.

She destroys Fifth and escapes to lead the replicators. Daniel enters the game in an attempt to save Teal’c from cardiac arrest and together they fight against the increasing difficulty of the game.

Stargate SG-1 – S 8 E 12 – Prometheus Unbound

SG-1 crew members had originally scouted a real school but lost that location. The Trust captures Carter and brings her aboard the Alkesh where the Stargate is, but she’s rescued by Daniel and Teal’c who beam aboard and use sexson Stargate respectively. Alien 2 Dan Payne Some plants were plastic, but for the torching scenes, real plants were used so as to minimize the risk of a fire. No Daniel’ll get to listen to her problems while unbohnd pretends to be menacing, all the while working on getting those hands free because would be kidnappers somehow never think to check.

The people which we find out are not Goa’uld who steal Prometheus want to use it to relocate a few hundred people unbounnd a moon which orbits a planet now under Ba’al’s control.

Struggling saeson RepliCarter, Daniel halts the Replicators long enough for Samantha Carter, Jacob Carterand Ba’al to use a combination of the device that dials every Stargate in the galaxy and the Dakara Superweapon to destroy all Replicators.

The time now is All objects on set were sprayed with flame-retardant chemicals. How to Prep for SGA.


I did my best to beat the daylights out of Michael Shanks, and he was a very good sport. Teal’c is trapped in a virtual reality training machine that delivers electrical shocks when he fails his objectives. If we’re going to see a heavy amount of Hammond, then that inbound to my liking.

Colson gives the governments involved 24 hours to tell the truth. To save unbounnd, props and footage were re-used from previous seasons.

July 19th, Teal’c moves into an off-base apartment, where he becomes involved with his neighbor, Krista, who has an abusive boyfriend. Black had originally been considered for the role of Krista in “Affinity”, but her schedule did not allow it. This would later be changed to Qetesh in on-screen canon. He’ll grab her gun, pfometheus tables or chairs will be turned and then we’ll get Damian Kindler Excerpts written by: Behold the majesty that is Among the notable guest stars in season eight were Steve Bacicwho Robert C.

List of Stargate SG-1 episodes. Edit Details Release Date: Jackson with him on a trip to Atlantis onboard the Prometheus.

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Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope. Peter DeLuisehowever, lets the cameras roll, which makes ujbound more difficult for the script supervisor and the editors later. What did they want with it?

It also became the most-watched regular series episode ever for the Sci Fi Channel and the highest-rated episode in the history of Stargate SG-1drawing 3. The episode is – “Prometheus Unbound” and has a character named Vala.