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For a movie which is a psycho-thriller, it has excellent comedy provided by Innocent, Lalitha and Mohanlal. International Film Festival of India. We are uploading fresh Malayalam Movies regularly. Retrieved 31 December The poll was conducted as part of the celebration of Indian cinema completing years. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Retrieved 16 March Sunny, calls in a renowned tantric expert Pullattuparambil Brahmadattan Namboothiripad Thilakan to rid his family of the supernatural menace. Retrieved 9 July The album consists of nine tracks. Sunny’s trained psychiatric mind begins to suspect that Ganga could well be the mental patient of Madampilly. Hailing from a family that follows tradition and superstitions, Nakulan’s uncle Thampi Nedumudi Venu objects to the couple’s idea of moving into the allegedly haunted mansion, which Nakulan ignores.

The mansion was occupied in ancient times by Sankaran Thampi, a feudal lord of the province who was also the karanavar head of the tharavadu. The Times of India. At his own risk, Sunny reveals the secret to Nakulan though he hides some of facts which he observed from Ganga’s alter ego behaviour.

Geethaanjalia spin-off directed by Priyadarshan and Mohanlal reprising the role of Dr. It was a period of great emotional and psychological turmoil for her, and she became afflicted with multiple personality disorder.

Radhakrishnan has provided some memorable music for this movie. The cinematography was by Venu and it was edited noline T. With the aid of some sorcerers, Thampi somehow escaped from the wrath of Nagavalli.

Apart from being the highest grossing Malayalam film of the year[6] Manichitrathazhu manichitrathaahu considered as one of the best thrillers ever made in India as well as one of the best Malayalam films ever made. Radhakrishnan, and while the original score was composed by Johnson. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So as she assumes Nakulan shoana be the cruel Karnavar- Sankaran Thampi, thereby waits till Durgastami night to take revenge on him.


Ganga manages to unlock the Thekkini, only to find ancient valuables such as jewellery, musical instruments etc.

Sreedevi’s tragic history, along with her perceived gloominess, and her being the only person present during an attack on Ganga, lays cause for suspicion of her. We are uploading fresh Malayalam Movies regularly. The couple moves in, following which noline supernatural events begin to happen.

Ganga wakes up from her hypnotic sleep and learns that she is completely cured of the illness.

In one of the more memorable scenes of shobwna movie, Ganga also gets to know about her illness during a manifestation of her hidden personality, that of Nagavalli. Lalitha, Ganesh Kumar, Sudheesh, and Thilakan in the main roles. There are no unnecessary scenes in this movie and shobqna scene in the screenplay sustains the interest in the story.

Since Nagavalli speaks in Tamil languageFazil hired a Tamil dubbing artiste Durga for dubbing for her part.

Retrieved 16 January The story is based on a tragedy that happened in the Alummoottil Tharavadu, a famous central Travancore Ezhava family, in the 19th century.


The original songs featured in the movie were composed by M.

Manichitrathazhu 1993 Full Malayalam Movie I Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi

In his heyday, he had brought in a dancer, Nagavalli, from Tamil Nadu as his concubine. Archived from the original on 12 January Radhakrishnan Songs Johnson Score. Her spirit was locked up in a section at the mansion Thekkini by putting the talisman over the lock. This made her sensitive as an individual; so when she came to know that her parents were moving her to Calcutta she was unable to come to grips with it.

Manichitrathazhu Full Malayalam Movie I Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi – video dailymotion

Later Sankaran Thampi committed suicide and his spirit is locked up in the same Manichitrathazhuu, by means of an ornate enchanted lock called Manichitrathazhu. Archived from the original on 4 March International Film Festival of India. The original songs featured in the movie were composed by M. Major parts of the film and the climax scenes were filmed in Padmanabhapuram Palace and Hill Palace, Tripunithura. Subscribe us to to stay updated. Ramji Rao Speaking Movoe.