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The second lead crush never happened. I teared up when he sat down and asked if he could rest his head on her shoulder, and she immediately said yes because they are friends, forever and always , and then he made her promise that she would be happy. Wan Lan is clearly turning back into brain dead Wan Lan, and she chides Yun Jie for telling for lies first that he was married, and then that the marriage was just a contract. Yong Yong is hand washing clothes in the garden and playing around with Xiao Nian. He just smiles and says nothing. He tells her not to be afraid of the future. Thanks a lot Koala…. All the big things are there — confessions, declarations, sacrifices — but all the little, subtle beats that show real affection and connection are missing or ring hollow.

On a bicycle being almost knocked down by a car?? But the strength and beauty of YY-YC is actually their friendship that could be more, but for it being the wrong time. The family wants to figure out what to do in the future, but Yong Yong wants to handle it herself. She meets him at the basketball court and he hands her antacids for her upset stomach. SH is such a delight. He loves Yong Yong, he sees and understands her wonderful traits, and he tried the only way he knew how to take care of her. But Yun Chao gives off a completely different feeling — his growing friendship with Yong Yong is completely predicated on her being a hotel worker and him being cool with that.

While baking, Xiao Nian announces that he wants to marry Yong Yong when he grows up, because she makes delicious desserts and tells great stories. In fact, at the grand opening of the new Tian Yu shopping center, he wants her to make the desserts for the opening party. They are not the same people they were 8 years ago, and their story is over now. Due to my limited understanding of mandarin I had to rely on your recaps and keep on referring to them a million thanks to understand more.

Please keep us updated asap once its available. He grabs Yun Jie by the collar, and says that Yong Yong may accept being treated this way, but he is going to stand up for her.

And to finish this long comment, I gotta ask. He apologizes for getting married without telling anyone, but he sincerely loves Yong Yong, and wants to spend his whole life protecting her.


Yun Jie asks if Yun Chao loves her, and he sknopsis that she loves him. I hate it when they do that. Chingoo, while I can see that the paralyzed-ex-wife twist was handled in a tame way and thank God for that! He steps back further and says that it really must not be possible between them. Yong Yong and Yun Chao are lost, and he blames her for misdirecting gappiness when he told her they should have gone straight.

Honestly I had been reading sinopss recaps with much interest thus went ahead and watched ep 9, which I enjoyed much. He helps her up, and she tosses one final basket into the hoop and claims she wins. I dunno why its not so highly promoted like FTLY. Yong Yong, looking resplendent in her wedding dress, tentatively walks out with a smile on her face.

Second sister says that Yong Yong still loves Yun Jie. The baby may be gone, but the time spent between Hwppiness Jie and Yong Yong for epizode months they have been married remain, and should help them both find the way together in the end. Second sister chides Yong Yong for not sharing her feelings right drma like a good sister ought to. She rubs me in the wrong way: I am truly an SH fanatic. Yong Yong wakes up and finds Yun Chao standing eunny her bedside at the hospital.

This is just so lovely my heart melts. He sits down and, with his back to her, baldly lies and says that he never showed up. There are dramas and there are dramas that say the same things and so arrive nowhere, never connecting with our hearts. She blurts out a sincere blessing that he live a good life with Yong Yong, and she hangs up the phone.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 17-18 Recap

Yong Yong and Yun Chao have to crash for the night in the school library. Learn how your comment data happjness processed. Yun Jie tries to explain, and Yun Chao cuts him off, asking him to just be cautious and not create any epsiode scandals, and then he suny. The date stamp confirms that Yun Chao was with Yong Yong the day he was supposed to have dinner with her parents, and he lied to her about his whereabouts.

Actually, after the disappointment of ep 25, I patiently waited for all your recaps to be available to get the whole picture and answers to my questions. The drama has its moments, it could have been better. He starts plunking on the sunjy, and she rushes to stop him from waking up the family.


He says that he will take his time with her. He thought one day she would accept him if he stayed by her side. SH, on the other hand, is like the most charming of old friends. She starts to cry, and then she makes up her mind and deletes her composed text message to Yun Jie that she was accepting his offer.

He tells her that they are just roommates inside the bedroom, while they pretend to be married to the outside. SH is happoness a delight.

Oh SH, how do I love thee, I no longer can count the ways….

Xin Jie caustically reminds her that this must be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her. He tells them that they got married because they fell in love. Yes, Yong Yong was left at the orphanage and her dad picked her up in her teens and dropped her into a stepmother and two stepsister situation much like Cinderella.

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Actually it was your 1st few episodes of recap and the ending of MP that sinpsis me decide to watched this drama. I think Yun Jie has more problems trying to figure out what he wants to handle his situation with Yong Yong, and I think the missed amusement park date did make something click in him.

So smooth he is with XJ! She knew how much he loves Xiao Nian, and she knew how much Yun Jie wanted to be a father; after seeing him react the way he did when he found out Wan Lan had hidden his baby from him, how did she think he was going to react if she did the same?

She asks for another chance with him. The very rich parents-in-law are neither oppressive nor vicious as well. Yun Jie says that she needs him, since she comes running when he calls.

Again, thank you for recapping SH! Yong Yong is baking brownies in the kitchen when Xin Jie comes in with a bag full of cakes. Great plot driven development with a rational and measured execution. Yong Yong is cooking dinner, and Yun Jie comes into the kitchen to just look at her, before thanking her for today.