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Naughty minds, we must think alike. He snorts at her lack of cuteness and digs in happily. Retrieved November 2, Thought the whole family dynamic was weird and there was no resolution to the family relationships or love interests…so disappointing on many levels. Why are they so beautiful like this? Yet, I did my best to you, my family, and Arirang. Am one of the weekly lurkers of your recaps….

The ending mmm is ok, because with this kind of writer I was expecting the worst. She goes into the kitchen and waits for him to leave. Especially because you finished the entire series too, which is super hard given life commitments and sometimes a waning interest in the actual drama. You think I would be lying in bed? She let him go, through a text no less. This will go right alongside Summer Scent on my list of worst endings, but FOTG had 31 episodes to prepare a grand finale and then rushed it.

His career will suffer greatly if he breaches the contract again by not performing in the next food event.

What happened to his feelings then? There are only two episodes left. In the end, In Joo accepts the seat of Master Chef. Jae Ha secretly watches the girls as they cook, specifically his eyes only spare moments for Joon Young.

Highlights: Feast of the Gods Episode 31 & 32 Finale

She taunts JY to chase after DY!? Did they change management godds something? Retrieved February 2, Poor JY actually,when JH let her go, she has those two meddlers.

Joon-young and In-joo, it turns out, share more than just a desire to master Korean cuisine—their pasts, their loves, and who their sinopssis are tangled in a breathtaking, tragic, and triumphant drama about what it means to preserve truth and integrity in the midst of lies and corruption. Sean Dulake Supporting Cast. Yea, they stare at each other, which suggests nothing, other than longing.


After all everthing started when they are young. The ending mmm is ok, because with this kind of writer I was expecting the worst. I still despise myself for investing so much time and tears into the beanie couple.

Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

Hey girls, this is boring, let see them claws and nails, all because of a name! Jane comes into the living room, tired and frustrated, because the reporters have surrounded their building.

How was Arirang saved? Episode 31 Video and Written previews are out: Your hard work of recapping this drama is not waste because I enjoyed it tremendously.

I wish if they had one more episode for concluding. Joon Young is wearing her cute hanbok, and greets Doo Hee happily.

Out comes In Joo in her chic black dress and hair pulled back into a sleek pony tail.

I just hope whatever the ending would be, I guess I love this drama the most. When the true daughter of culinary royalty faces off against the woman who was groomed in her place, who will emerge victorious? Thank you for the time you spent each week, and for giving us a space to get together to discuss FOTG.

She sounds drunk, and of course she is at a bar, drowning in her sorrows of mixed identities. When Sung Do-hee Jeon In-hwa is appointed the next successor, rival Baek Seol-hee Kim Bo-yeon will stop at nothing to claim her stake on the restaurant. I love this song by the way! Joon Young looks at them, remembering how he wished his hyung could get better and play with him. Today…Haemil dies, only chef Kim Do Yoon remains. I thought you have given up, because of crap ending. What kind of an answer was that fake IJ gave that noone would eat her dish in the competition?


I love K drama but the 2 drama that I followed has drained me out because of its sad and irrelevant endings.

Highlights: Feast of the Gods Episode 31 & 32 Finale | A Virtual Voyage

Se trata de So Ji Sub? The news of his visit has her up in seconds, quickly making herself look glamorous again. I have a feeling the writer did not anticipate the chemistry of LSW and SY; perhaps the writer rooted for JSW initially, otherwise why the symbolism of hour glass? He looks so dashing wearing that black suit. I stumbled upon your recaps while looking for information about this series — thank you so much!