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But they should still insist that it is love? I so miss knowing how to do those things. It bothers him and it drives him crazy. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. Park Bok Nyeo Choi Ji Woo is a mysterious housekeeper who never cracks her serious demeanor and is rumored to be able to do anything that is asked of her by her employer. She asks him if that is an order?

Even though he may lose her because of this, he still can’t handle it. Log in with Email. Retrieved from ” https: Episode 18 p Hardsubs Indo: Episode 8 p Hardsubs Indo: As she should be.

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And must she leave so painfully? She asks him if that is an order? Selamat spisode guys pada kesempatan kali ini mimin Download Drama Korea Housekeeler akan updet drama2 korea terbaru untuk pengunjung setia blog ini, drama yang berjudul The Suspicious Housekeeper, A drama about a sinopais Park Bok Nyeo, who gets hired to work for a family which has just lost its mother, leaving just the father and four children.

Bok Nyeo replies that she has already received plenty. And she can never think about dying; she has so many, many people who love her. She almost falls over, but Sang Chul steadies her. Episode 8 p Hardsubs Indo: It rings a third time. The kids beg Bok Nyeo to stop. That they won’t throw Mom away.


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Sang Strane is out shopping for the kids. Family, mystery, melodrama, romance Episodes: She declares that since they all have decided, even if they take it back, it’s useless now.

Hye Gyul says that she misses Oma. The 4 children ask their father, Sang-chul, to leave the house. That’s why, he has no choice but to let her go. Han-kyul shows her mom’s will to her younger brothers and sister and said that she couldn’t live with father anymore.

Bok Nyeo looks around the table at the family that she loves and who loves her. She starts to go again, when he asks her to stop. Choi Ji Woo Main Cast. Bok Nyeo just looks at her. Don’t just play the good aunt, if she wants to really protect her nieces and nephews.

Han-kyul found out that her mom committed suicide because episods her father’s adultery. Unless an adult reminds them. But they should still insist that it is love? The writer ended things well. Which I want to eat it, looks so yummy. Han-kyul makes up her mind to get revenge on Sang-chul. He puts the gloves on Bok Nyeo and smiles at her. Hye Gyul sighs sadly. The kids choose Oma.


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Archived from the original on 28 March Bok Nyeo looks at him. He misses her every now and then.

Episode 9 p Hardsubs Indo: At least in America. So glad about the growth of different people on the show. Aunt replies that she thinks she knows why Bok Nyeo did that.

Is she suggesting that they should completely erase that person? Log in with Email. He says that that time, when he took her out from the fire, he was surprised.

He stops and opens his coat wide and says that the wind is chilly. He reminds her that they met again after 48 years. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, she has to be happy. She closes her eyes a moment and tries. If anything is wrong, she has to call them. So they have eppisode choose: Father Sang-chul employs a housekeeper when his wife died.