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Is that what you call a date? Her cop friends are awesome, and Maru is adorable. Hwa Young looks stunned, while Dal is used to being slapped so this is nothing. They also slept together HAHA and he yells at her to take the poster down right away. I really enjoyed that drama but I do not take it too seroius. Having said that, I do agree with you Mdm K that the leads are just great, hopefully the final episode will be better. It is pretty sad that most kdramas tend to disappointed after halfway point. Hwa Young sits in her bed alone and sobs.

Park calling her name. With that, I shall take my leave. Really, everyone, no matter if they are a hag bitch from hell, deserves happiness, in some capacity. I thought the writer wrote this OTP has flawed and broken but realistically adult characters and suddenly Bong Sun has the EQ of a teenager. Dal asks her unni if she gets psychiatric treatment here? She asks for Jae Hee to be located. I know this is a belated question but what happened to Dal’s father? I find myself going back looking for cute moments:

All the writer kept that right to the very end Bong Sun tosses a letter to Dal addressed from a law firm. After reading a couple of recaps of dramas, I’ve realised its so hard to summarise while keeping the essence of the drama.

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I watched the raw version and really wanted to know what BS and JH said to each other. He walks out to the roof and looks around.

I mean nominated best eun. He leaves and Jae Hee puts his coat over Bong Sun. Dal murmurs that she and his daughter might not get along hah and she asks him what his ex-wife is like. I could have watched them walking, handcuffed to each other all around Seoul for 20 eps. If I liked Hwa Young, I would accept that she needs someone to love her and help her realize what an thw person she is.


Bong Sun visits Dad at work and witnesses him getting told off by a younger supervisor for not understanding how to work the computer. And here, it looks forced into the plot. See you on the next drama no idea, maybe give FBRS another try Especially the way BS puts it all to him in their argument… i.

The Moon That Embrace The Sun – Drama yang kereeen abiz

I never watched Lee Ji Ah in a drama before, but tye made me like her. The elevators are off for the night, so Jae Hee climbs the stairs all the way to the roof. If you work as a civil servant for three days, that quickly becomes three months, which turns into three years.

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He blubbers that shit will go down if she touches him and she pouts.

Skip to secondary content. Hwa Young slaps Dal, and Dal turns around and returns the slap. Sinopsis Dream High Season 2 http: And a male lead who has social phobia lol – and I thought every ‘chaebol’ figure in Kdrama land seemed to be confidently just public-speak to an audience with no butterflies in their tummies at all!

Anyway, thank you Orangy for this journey with Mee Too, Flower and wish you success with further recapping. The management company of the idol group A. They go out to eat and she presents him with gifts for his birthday.

Wish you all a wonderful and joy New Year! But all gripes aside, really enjoyed BS as a character and JH most of the time and never found Yoon Shi Yoon looking too young – that didn’t distract me at all.

I never thought Einopsis Young ought to darma gone as far as she did, and I never thought Bong Sun would keep boring a bigger and bigger hole for herself to hide in when the shit hit the fan.


Yesthank you so much and happy new year. Park and Dal relationship, but I thought they needn’t be already going steady so soon. As much as I hate her for the evil stuff she done, she deserve to heal like the rest: Sinopsis Dream High 2. She finds Jae Hee in the waiting room and asks him what he means about starting a new business.

Love is the presence that perseveres with us through emgraces dark hours, and love is also warm and welcoming. After he finishes singing, he just sits there and smiles at her. I hope the same happens for Me Too Flower. Park sighs, asking Hwa Young to consider seeing his colleague who treats severe mental disorders. He crouches down and grabs a pair of lock cutters.

Something that Embraxes Too, Flower! Since episode 9 this drama has really failed to take me on the journey of Bong Sun and Jae Hee IN a relationship, which was ripe with so much interesting issues to explore.

First Dad, now Mom. Bong Sun had ended up being a memorable lead.

Me Too, Flower Episode 14 Recap

They were united by their kindred spirit of early loss of parents and hard experience. He does do much better in this kind of character similar to flower boy next door than the sad boring character he played in prime minster and I.

Dal decides to tell Hwa Young the truth, that she is a monster who is destined never to be loved in her entire lifetime. JH could have been the one to get hit in the head with a wad of paper.