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Oh, she loved Yeom? When Tae Won visits Ok Nyeo, she refuses to say anything. And then there was this awsome encounter aka fight between them and then nothing. You need to find an attractive guy who can kick some serious tuchus as well! Lost interest many episodes ago, can’t remember. So Jung, the gisaeng, sets up an appointment at Sosoru with Lord Yoon. If I can atone for my sins and honor the souls of those who died because of me, I will gladly abdicate or even pay with my own life. Now, it’s too late to really get into them because there are only two episodes left.

I do have to say the drama drives me batty with its shit-for-brains approach to women characters, though, which has been a problem all the way through. I wanted to see more Seol kicking butts and showing the world what for. Your forbears were Sejong and Sejo. Finally you posted this Sinopsis.. I was tearing up at the last episode, but that had to do more with the actors themselves than the love I had for the characters. As a slave, Ok Nyeo will be forced to have sex with government officials.

Decide first what theme, emotion, idea or concept you want to convey; Think about the best way to shoot your subjects before actually doing so; Every good picture has a hidden geometric pattern; Other ways of composing your shots: Was it a good drama? Ok Nyeo is saved just in time by soldiers who were tipped off by Officer Ji.

The men pursuing the pregnant woman are acting under the orders of Yoon Won Hyung, with the knowledge of his elder sister Queen Munjeong.

You’d think the Queen mother would still be pushing a little harder for an heir from BY. Critics will be critics. So much doesn’t even make sense to me. How the princess could have gotten pregnant? The Queen Mother, Lord Yoon, and their allies plot to use the broken relations with Ming to their advantage. So most of all I love that the person to spur this self-actualization… is himself. Correct exposure Photojournalism I really like the hand in hand gesture.


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Episode 12 by LollyPip. Yang-myung points out that the shaman is no mere shaman, but the princess. Episode 6 by Helcat. I hate that she kept saying she did not know. Then this bitch had the nerve to say she dont regret anything.

She was good with Minwha as well at the end. Until, that is, a surprise contingent of troops swarms in, having waited for their moment to catch the insurgents off-guard. Choosing your viewpoint Photojournalism All that said, I thought the finale was true to the spirit of the show. Min-Hwa is the one with blood on her hands. We have chosen each other carefully and have received premarital counseling on the nature, purposes and responsibilities of marriage.

These are minor things, but I don’t even want to start on the stilted character development. Unknown to Sinoosis Nyeo, her former spymaster is observing her meeting.

He is ordered arrested and locked up in jail by the Police Bureau Commissioner. Jung Nan Jung wants revenge against Tae Won by hurting, one by one, all the persons whom he values.

I feel like they should youtube the cutesy Hwon and YH moments to move the plot like they did with Playful Kiss but maybe that would have sunk the episoode lol. But they quickly grew up into dutiful, passive adults who time and again let other people decide how their lives would be.


Oh, and the scene! She orders Lord Yoon to kill all those advising the King.

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Among those arrested is Tae Won. That confidence turns to nervousness when Yang-myung picks up his sword, examines the blade, then in a swift move points it at them.

He tells Ok Nyeo that the Palace guard — who was with her mother before she died — is living in Icheon and wants to meet her. She needs to have more fire. Nok-young performs rites for the recently departed, assuring them that she will take them on to the hereafter. I just feel like the ending will disappoint me in some ways. Serial Drama Korea “Haechi” ini menceritakan tentang kerajaan di masa dinasti Joseon.

I think Min Hwa just proved that she doesn’t understand what true love is. The envoy turns tne to be the former young master served by the parents of Gong Jae Myung.

Episode 6 by Helcat. And I wanted it to, really. Honestly, they’re portraying her in a more positive light in the drama than in the book and I wasn’t expecting very much from her. My jaw’s dropped when the princess stubbornly declared she would walk the same path again, dang, now she’s fallen into a villain in my book.