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Sign Up for the Newsletter. The costuming is captivating with a mysterious dangerous sensuality whilst still being tasteful as it works well with Preljocaj’s choreography. The deer — danced by a topless female in black fur pants and a huge antler headdress — that the huntsmen soldiers kill and use the heart of to trick the Queen is given some strong, striking, other worldly choreography, semi-robotically prancing and pawing and sniffing the air, leading to a dramatic death. This production contains adult themes and nudity. Preljocaj’s choreographic imagination steals over you. While they might have added that Gaultier signature and drama — ever the dominatrix — they were not entirely conducive to dance. Set to Gustav Mahler ‘s symphonies, this blending of fabulous fashion from Jean Paul Gaultier and seemingly simple sets by Thierry Leproust merges to give an old story new life.

The accompanying Adagietto from Mahler’s Fifth ought to have been a cliche. Please enter your friend’s name. When the Prince Sergio Diaz and Snow White Virginie Caussin fall in love, their playful, tumbling duet climaxes into an astonishingly slow, tilting swoon of a first kiss. It could be a bit confusing for some audience members, although as both mother and stepmother, the Queens are dressed in black. How our interactions shape our world. The expression is inventive and the performers connect with the emotion of the story to deliver more than just wonderful technique but a brilliant retelling of a classic story to deliver deeper meaning and a new appreciation of the tale through dance. Preljocaj has devised a work that has a wonderful balance between classical and contemporary ballet.

Charismatically, menacingly danced by Cecilia Torres Morillo, she has two black leather feline attendants snoe at one point prowl into the audience and is presented as balleet cross between Carabosse, Odile and the Black Queen from Checkmate. Related Articles Exit Interview: The choreography also included quite a bit of slithery, intricate floorwork and was tremendously executed by the entire cast.

His movements give a freshly vivid inflection to his characters: Sydney Opera House, Sydney.


Session expire warning Your session is about to expire and your selected seats will be released. A breezy opera that spirals into romantic tragedy, Werther is dhite of opera’s most performed productions and it returns to Sydney with international talent.

The entire cast of the company, which is based in Aix-en-Provence, gave tremendous performances. Alongside his work as a visual artist, he began a career as a set designer for opera, theatre, dance and cinema in Already as a child, Jean-Paul Gaultier was making his first drawings of haute couture models, taking his inspiration from his urban environment.

Balleg me of new posts by email. His productions are now part of the repertoire of many companies, many of which also commission original production from him, notably La Scala of Milan, whlte New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet.

Ballet Preljocaj: Snow White – review | Stage | The Guardian

Your email address will not be published. Yet it turns out to have an utterly beguiling charm. Whether you love dance, ballet or couture fashion, this is a must see. The Last Great Hunt unite their diverse skills and passions in a larger than life celebration of arthouse cinema, filmed and performed live in the theatre. Angelin Preljocaj’s Snow White starts out in unpromising style. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. The combination of Thierry Leproust’s somewhat utilitarian sets and Patrick Riou’s lighting effortlessly imply the variety of spaces, from the gold walled grandeur of the King’s castle, the danger of the forest, the mystery of the mountainside mines and the sinister queen’s chambers, complete with her magic mirror.

The dwarves here, rather, full-sized Miners had a spectacular cross between abseiling and dancing first appearance when we view them at their caves a gloriously textured set design by Thierry Leproust. Email to a friend.

Actually it worked to ineffable effect. The corps were not always perfectly timed and felt sloppy en mass. The dwarves’ introduction involves inventive aerial work on Thierry Leproust’s rockface that is delivered with a delightful prlejocaj which continues to their interactions with Snow White as they play together.


France’s Ballet Preljocaj presents its striking ‘Snow White’

Australian audiences might think perhaps of the work of Legs on the Wall as they hang upside down, spin, fly and dive joyously in a tightly choreographed and synchronised sequence, a highlight of the performance. Snow White Snow White 11 – 18 Sep. This production contains adult themes and nudity. In a special treat, this cheeky, whimsical film is presented with live musical accompaniment by international concert pianist Preljocak Colombis.

By Lynne Lancaster of Dance Informa. Preljocaj’s choreographic imagination steals over you.

Snow White – Ballet Preljocaj

Loading comments… Trouble loading? The costuming is captivating with a mysterious dangerous sensuality whilst still being tasteful as it works well with Preljocaj’s choreography. When Snow White and the Prince meet and first fall in love, there is a bubbling, playful, tumbling pas de deux that ends in a dizzying, swooning, passionate first kiss.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Inhe went to New York after which he resumed his studies in France before founding his own company in December How our interactions shape our world.

The prologue, in which the young queen dies in solitary childbirth, is visually bombastic and dramatically implausible.

Prudence Upton Staying true to the original 19th century German fairy tale, Angelin Preljocaj delivers a deliciously dark expression of the battle between greed and narcissism and innocence and preljcoaj that plays out between the ultimate spiteful stepmother, the wicked queen Cecilia Torres Morillo and her stepdaughter Snow White Verity Jacobsen.