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They leave the castle the next morning and happen upon Blandamour and Paridell with Duessa and the foul Ate. Guyon and Britomart joust, Guyon is unhorsed and made wrathful until calmed by the Palmer and Arthur. He realizes who they are, tells the lady the wicked knight is dead, and together they carry the wounded knight to a castle for aid. He then leads it through faery land and people are amazed by it. Fairy-like beings in folklore. Arthur has disarmed and is sleeping under a tree while the Salvage Man roams in the forest. Despite her inability to wear the girdle the judges award the false Florimell to Britomart. The folk pour out to look fearfully at the dead dragon.

They part, and Calidore comes upon the wounded knight and lady in the covert. Then Pyrocheles runs up, tormented by inner flames, and runs into the river. Archimago has escape his captors. When Timias and Serena encounter them Timias strikes the giant-like Disdain but then falls victim to him. Calidore thanks him for the tip and they part. Despair, however, argues that his work should be praised, since he has helped so many people escape from the miseries of human existence, and he reminds Red Cross that even Red Cross himself has suffered his share of miseries and embarrassments. Jove then argues that although the earth is changed by time, the gods control time itself. The two hags kill themselves and Arthur returns to the castle where Alma doctors him.

Book II canto iii. Calepine suggests that she take the child he has saved and raise it as her own. Despite the enthusiasm the poet and his work received, Spenser’s experimental diction was “largely condemned” before it received the acclaim it has today. She calms down somewhat and asks Talus for further details. When the witch and her son discover she is gon the witch sends a monstrous beast in pursuit of her.


Guyon swears a vow to avenge them and protect their child. By these responses Arthegall knows the squire is innocent and the knight guilty. He does so, Amoret thanks Britomart, and Britomart binds Busirane.

The speaker explains how Belphoebe can be so gentle and civil when she resides in a savage forest: The masque is introduced in mime by Ease and accompanied by minstrels.

Calidore agrees and saves Priscilla’s reputation aby telling her father he saved her from the knight the youth killed – as proof he has brought the wicked knight’s head. He tells her that the crocodile represents Arthegall, Isis represents Britomart, and the lion their son whom they will conceive.

Down below is a summary of The Faerie Queenan allegorical epic written by the sixteenth-century poet Dpenser Spenser. She refuses, Mercury returns to Jove, and Jove hold counsel with his court.

LIT Summary of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene: Book 1

He takes the false Florimell, who he believes to be the real Florimell, and woos her. Jove boldly responds, is about to dash her to hell, but her beauty withholds him. They hear a shriek and see the seneshcall dragging the lady.

The reader discovers that Amoret was abducted by a savage man and is imprisoned in his cave. Meanwhile, the real Florimell is floating on the sea in the boat she jumped into to escape the beast. The English chronicle begins with the time when giants dwelled in England.

When the child was born, Claribell, fearing her father’s further wrath, had her handmaid take the child elsewhere. Amoret, of course, is all this time with Arthur and presumable spenesr presents her at this time. Enias asks Arthur to allow him the privilege of faeerie the giant-like Disdain. Priamond’s spirit migrates into Dyamond whom Cambell next battles. Amoretta is raised in the Garden of Adonis which is described at length: Calepine asks him to ask his lord, who turns out to be Turpine, but Turpine refuses.


Book I canto ix. She explains she was sent as a messenger from her noble queen, Mercilla, to a pagan lord and his queen, Adicia, to entreat peace. On the second day, though, it chances that Marinell is made captive those he battles.

The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spencer: Summary and Critical Analysis

As her pregnancy became apparent, Chrysogonee withdrew to the forest to hide her pregnancy. He is so consume with fretting, however, that he merely floats to the bottom where he finds and moves into a cave.

Despite the historical elements of his text, Spenser is careful to label himself a historical poet as opposed to a historiographer.

She finds Arthegall some armour, arms him, and the rest in the castle. Book I is centred on the virtue of Holiness as embodied in the Redcrosse Knight. Arthegall then tries to find the other of the two knights but first finds the third knight who has already killed the second knight. Britomart reveals to the Redcrosse Knight that she is pursuing Sir Artegall because she is destined to marry him.