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The bridges LOOK fine on them.. Telefinken , Jan 14, I didn’t have a lot of time to play it, but just playing it unplugged it sounded fine. Anyone heard of the “Squier Master Series” before? The satin finish on it felt really nice as well. I can imagine they’re quite different to play from a standard Tele. Jan 14, 5.

Log in or Sign up. I’d like to find one of those. With the mahogany body and set mahogany neck, it sounds so goooddddddd Dr Gonzo , Jan 17, Telefinken , Jan 13, For mine we had to pull the bridge, plug it, redrill the bridge holes. I can see where the saddles are backed all the way towards the rear of the guitar to intonate, but, is intonated perfectly.

The one I was looking at looked like it was placed correctly. I really like it alot good playin and soundin guitar at a great price. Anyone else know anything about the guitar?

I changed out the pickups and put in SD Seth Lovers. Jan 13, Mow’s experience you should verify suqier guitar is intoned before you leave the store with it. These two on eBay now I have one far left in the avatar. Ok, some of them are ok, but most have the bridge drilled incorrectly which makes them unplayable. Mine is a quality piece.

Squier Master Series Chambered Telecaster | Telecaster Guitar Forum

I had 2, its not an isolated problem. Jan 13, 1. I certainly had not, until I stumbled upon these today.


I like Fender Squiers, including the logo designs. Help FAQs Go to top.

So my guess is, they are the HB set. FenderGuy53Mar 8, I’m sure it’ll turn out very well.

Anyone heard of the “Squier Master Series” before?

I can see where the saddles are backed all the way towards the rear of the guitar to intonate, but, is intonated perfectly. Login or Sign Up. Like I said, I didn’t get a lot of time playing it, but for the couple minutes I did, it felt nice. I just got a chambered Squire tele, I’ve been waiting for one to appear at an insanely cheap price, suier patience paid off, one did, and there you go.

Squier Master Series Chambered Tele HH…Any opinions on it?

Anyone else want to comment on the guitar? Hi Guys, I picked one up earlier this year. Glad it worked out. TelefinkenJan 14, I didn’t test the intonation on it, but I doubt it would have been off much. It weighs next to nothing but resonates really well. Seriously, its pot luck if you get a good one.

The “Duncan Designed” buckers are real good for clean tones, but they’re not very chamberev. Jan 7, First one is Amber Satin. I can still get some good Twangy Tones, Seems like a geat guitar and I have no problem with the Squier name. I loved the sound of the neck and middle positions on the Custom II, but I loved the sound of all 3 positions on the Custom.


Squier Master Series Chambered Telecaster Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Took me a while to get used to the shorter scale, having only had As far as quality and playability, think Gibson SG. Does the shorter scale bother you at all?

Noisemaker Effects Twitter Facebook. Dec 29, 2. Anyone heard of the “Squier Master Series” before? Join the HC Seriss. I’m grateful to Telefinken for starting this thread as there is very little to find about these amazing guitars on the interweb. No, create an account now.

Dec 29, 1. And, for the people that don’t have this bridge issue, how is the guitar?

Jan 7, 8. Sries you already have an account? Jan 14, 5. I’ll try to get the shop to price match it tomorrow View the Media Kit.

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