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They have been and in some societies still are banned from getting an education, they have been banned from most meaningful occupations, and have frequently been seen as having no value except to provide male children. That’s being extremely ethnocentric, folks. And we know how consistent his ethics are. Elphaba Sat, Sep 15, , 8: We just can’t make the assumption they are mentally “stable”. This article needs additional citations for verification.

They wanted to disturb the viewer and force them to think. How could the cogenitors in Vissian society really not know what they’re missing? Rights are universal, not to be withheld because of geography. The book describes a history of life in the universe, dwarfing in scale Stapledon’s previous book, Last and First Men , a history of the human species over two billion years. That’s being extremely ethnocentric, folks. Look what happened to the one that was taught to read! One of the pleasures I had during this episode was seeing how the show and I were constantly on the same wavelength. But the episode presents the fact that when the Congenitor is shown it’s potential and that in it’s life it cannot reach said potential it becomes unhappy.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that–I don’t even mention the Vissians’ biology in the text you quoted.

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We think of ourselves as the Knights of the Holy Contact. Robert, You are saying you wouldn’t allow them into the Federation based on assumptions gleamed from this episode. When you have a situation like this that’s full of gray areas and potentially disastrous consequences, you begin to realize why sfar with such situations will require something more absolute than a judgment call.

That is, quite simply, what this quite remarkable episode is telling us.


You assimilate people and they don’t even know it. And I was infinitely glad that the slight reminders I had of Riker in that episode with the non-gendered species weren’t followed through with the same quality – there were some similarities but this was so much better. Using scavenged wreckage to enhance the transport, they then escape into space, cogdnitor it with a faster than standard warp drive and weapons.

Arachnea Tue, Feb 12, I very much enjoy discussing the finer points of theology. And yes, taken out of context, the actions of the characters are very much so out of character. He’s been running around doing things by the seat of his pants–in fairness, partly because Starfleet hasn’t figured out the rules yet–and his officers have followed suit. In the Federation a sentient being gets free will. Was probably my favorite Enterprise episode.

Snooky Thu, Jul 3,2: That’s fine for Charles, but what about all of the other cogenitors? Nell Tue, Apr 8,6: Bravo to Bakula and the show in general, and the four stars are deserved. Or indeed as Jammer says, he also has kind of failed as a leader to get this through to everyone. But to me that it was makes this episode fantastic.

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I watched this episode several years ago out of context, having never seen any other ENT ep. Elphaba Sat, Sep 15,6: MisterFred Mon, Jun 2,2: I don’t buy into that ideal.

Coggenitor have not yet met aliens. Some of the elements and themes briefly discussed prefigure later fiction concerning genetic engineering and alien life forms.

The Prime Directive, as I understand it, prevents individual Starfleet captains cpgenitor officers from interfering in alien civilizations both pre-warp and warp-capable. It’s to this story’s credit that it staar a strong position on the interference issue while offering up other questions that are tough to come to terms with. Captain Jonathan Archer tries to disable their weapons, but the ship jumps to warp speed.


Captain Jonathan Archer John Billingsley And now again he refuses to interfere again, sending a sentient being into death. Archived from the original on February 18, Soon after the aliens hail Enterprise and say, “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile”. Instead of treating her like a person, the captain treats her like property and sends the victim back to the abusers, against the victim’s wish.

We have no idea who these people are, only that they are more advanced than we are.

Who of the above do you side with? But notice how many, on what they believe are moral grounds, disagree with us. That could have been cool. If they’d just rectified that issue I would rate this as a real Trek Classic. You can’t say they would have to change when you don’t know all the facts.

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Archived from the original on December 27, I was almost certain it would happen in the last ten minutes. The assimilated crew soon awaken, and in the ensuing melee Doctor Phlox is infected with nanoprobes. There are stxr levels of doublethink going on in this series. The story was right to take the turns it made here, but I sincerely hope this race wouldn’t be permitted into the Federation cogrnitor this subclass of its society treated this way.