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If your shield is still active, you may not be able to fit in the window, so come back here when it has worn off. There’s a grate in the floor. From this higher level window, double jump into the open window above you with the release lever. This is an area where a lot of people seem to have trouble. They can take out destroyer droids or battle droids for you,or help you in your battles. This will lower the water level. Push the box into the pit to reveal it, and hopefully you’ll take out a droid or two in the process. If you have any flash grenades left, run into the main area and force push the droids on the balcony to disable them, then take them out with a grenade.

Then use the handprint panel to unlock the big door. When you come to a bridge that’s raised, jump over it and get into the boat. Use your blaster not your saber from far away to kill them. And you have to find Shmi so she can lead you to Anakin. Use your saber on any strays. The tank managed to shoot the release lever as it was aiming at me because I was jumping up and down trying to shoot the release lever.

A good time to save is at the start of every level. You’ll find a proton missile launcher detonxdo 5 missiles in this secret area.

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To bring out your lightsaber underwater or while dangling on a rope when you normally could not press start, highlight weapons and choose light saber. PRESS describes how you would normally press a key on the keyboard you hold it down slightly longer than you would for tap. You should always talk to the person when he or she stops because you may have something to say, such as “wait” or “follow me. If you time it just right every time, you will be able to hit him, and not get hit back!

For example, F7 gives you unlimited health. What you receive depends on the order you chose the dialog options. You should see a little rock with a small health powerup on it. The soldier will ask you if you know the passcode. Or if you’ve killed the big fish, you can just swim to the small clearing on the right and jump up onto the final platform. Here are some useful, fun, and not-so-useful cheat codes. Repeat with the other pillars. Once you tue one Jawa, you’ll have to shoot them all.


As a droid enters, you notice the phantomm room fill up with poison gas. From the city entrance, on the right side of red street you will first find black street, and if you keep going further down, blue street.

If it’s not there, walk forward a little bit to trigger episod arrival before you get on the elevator. Run away from the battle tanks or do what you need to in order to get around it as quickly as possible. Obi-Wan, being the younger of the two, has more athletic flair.

They epislde a distinct sound, so you know when one is in the area. You’ll come to an area with a deep pit and a moveable log.

If you’re low on health, and have any energy balls left, throw them at the droids to stun them or try force pushquickly use the red button, and enter the newly opened door in the corner. That’s just the nature of this level and the enemy AI.

There’s a pink forcefield surrounding a dam. Walk out the window onto the ledge. You need to find a way to bring the elevator up to this area.

And don’t forget there’s a force push meter measuring the amount of “force power” you have. At the entrance to this street is the dung worm seller on the right, and on the left is a merchant area with a tent the merchant may or may not be there. There are destroyer menafe hiding inside the two crates on the far side, so try not to shoot the crates if you can help it.

But before you email me, make sure you’ve read the most recent version of the walkthrough at http: And at this point, you probably haven’t had enough practice to take warz out with your saber. The palace has two gates that must be opened before you go can through. It’s mostly useful for sneaking up behind a droid and suprising it. If he’s dead and his body is not there, the weapon may or may not be available for you to snatch.


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Walkthrough [01]

The lightsaber can only be used by Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Pull the block out and you’ll find a full health powerup.

I’m providing such descriptive options because most people get stuck when they are in the middle of the trading process, and the first item they traded away affects the rest of the trade. Move the box to this area and push the button. If you can’t find it, just keep swimming along the perimeter of the swamp until you do, you’ll come upon it eventually.

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Sign up for free! If you hang off the rope for a split second, but then flipped over it, it means jumped one too many times.

Head towards the slave quarters. Now would be a good time to save your game. You really need a proton missile launcher, which you don’t have yet. A locked security gate is to the right. Step on the chair and the lights should go out.

When you are protecting a character, make sure you don’t stray too far from them. A platform on your left detonadk the dead end you’re coming up on will have a control panel on it. Through a door to the right, it will look detonaxo a gate. Learn the overhead saber move, the twirling saber move, and the jump and slash technique. I didn’t know just how good the videos actually look. Kill the droids near the crates.