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As I said, I didn’t experience any issue with this achievement myself. Build and use the Protocol droid panel then go through the newly opened door and go right to get a piece. Pull both wall switches to reveal the piece. To the right of where you freed Obi-Wan, use the Stormtrooper panel to raise the bars and get a piece. Alan Wakes American Nightmare Guide. In the next area, have a Sith break the black bush. Break the container and build the Legos. Red brick – At the end of the level, keep going right past Obi-Wan’s house.

Fire in the hole! The Prisoner of Azkaban Year 4: In the second area, after destroying the Snowtroopers in the hallway, head to the right and jump up from the cart to reach the Canister. Don’t have an account? Hover across the gap for a piece. Fruit block 1 – Break the second canister in the second area. The Canister is on the right side of this room.

Use the grapple point that’s revealed, then break the object at the top. Go through the door at the very end of the hall. In the first hallway, have a Sith break the Lego wall and enter the room. Drop down off the ledge from piece 7 go right a bit and drop down again. Jump up on it and double jump to get the piece. Use the Bounty Hunter panel to open the door then have a Sith break the object behind the shield to deactivate it. Break the two boxes in the middle to get target pieces.

Go up the same platforms you went to Canister 9, only go right this time. Break the garbage can and build the bomb to get a piece in the little alcove.

So use it to help navigate, not gospel. Have him open the door, then carefully navigate the hall without falling through one of the holes. Go right, jump up two levels then build and use the grapple point. In the area with fruit block 2 blast the rocks there till a torpedo dispenser reveals itself as well as the piece. Email required Address never made public. Shoot six speeder bikes in stage 3. Upon collection of the final white Mini-Kit and Red Brick you’ll unlock the following achievements.


Escape From Echo Base – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Climb up the ledges near where you got the last piece, break the object up here for a piece. In the next area drop off the ledge, build and use the travel chute for a piece. In the fourth area, use the travel chute then go to the right and walk along the ledge till you reach the piece. Red brick – From fruit block 3, hover to the right to get the brick.

Attack of the Clones. Fruit block 3 – Same area as mini-kit piece 7, cahpter to the right where the lava is there’s a ramp.

Episode V, Chapter 2: Escape from Echo Base | Lego Game Help!

Inside Jango’s apartment, use the Force on the machine on the wall to make a piece appear. Chapter 4 – Gunship Cavalry [] 1.

Ride the lift up to get the piece. In the hallway after you come across Vader, go left and use the Bounty Hunter panel.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Shoot the 10 tower objects in the first area. In the next room walk toward the camera and you’ll see a ramp going to the left, follow it to find a piece. Right before the first cave entrance, have a Sith break the black bushes. Head left and climb up the rock slope, then head over to the slide and slide down.

Jump into the fan’s air to be lifted up to the piece. Turn around and fly over the switches on the Star Destroyer 2.

In the second area, use the Protocol droid panel to open the door.

Use the Force to make a miniiits to get the piece. Red brick – At the end of the level is a wall of destroyable objects, shoot them to get the brick. Invincibility – 1, Characters [] A list of all the characters you can buy at the bar and how much they cost. On the right side of the lap is a part after two speed boosts on a hill. Use the Force to light up all the lights in the hallway you start in to make a piece appear.


If you’d like you can view your Epispde collection by exiting the Mos Eisley Cantina via the door on the bottom left and then in the outside area, head over to the right. In the second area, use the Force to put all the support beams back up.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

Get all the way through stage 2 without dieing. Go into the final area and pull the handles on the right side, where the boxes are. Have a Sith break the Legos blocking a doorway. In the next area, hover toward the camera chaptter get a piece.

Outside where all the bombs blow up parts of the walkway, all the way at the end use the grapple point.

When the moving minikifs comes near jump to it, then to the other to get the brick. Break the three computers to make a piece appear. Use the pedestal to jump up and over the walls of the two “tanks” and step on the floor switch inside each to open the one with the piece.

To get it, use the Force on the platforms that are in the wall to the left of the Stormtrooper panel and jump up the platforms. This makes some of those droids come out, destroy all of them to deactivate the shield to get the brick.