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Without individual creative expression, we are left with a medium of irrelevant fantasies that can add nothing but slim diversion to an already diversified world. Basically, I think it works when you don’t easily notice that it’s digital. Not so special now! Thanks to Deadline for these transcriptions:. This is a very good thing as it leads to very new forms of cinematic expression. The only TV series more of a mini-series that I’ve fully enjoyed and was not dissatisfied with in the slightest was the Red Riding trilogy on Channel 4 which was shot in the format of three films so on their own they’d still work. Art is storytelling, and we need to tell stories to pass along ideas and information, and to try and make sense out of all this chaos These pictures may lose money, but they have inspired applause from those who still think freely and for themselves.

This is a bizarre way to appreciate something. We are living in a totally new world and we need to start thinking about every aspect of cinema as up for re-definition – especially the kinds of stories and the types and sizes of audiences. Be brave, work tirelessly, give everything you have. Reply Share Share this answer: For, as has been proved, this pleasure results neither in economic or artistic success. However, the new thoughts must eventually lead to change. Not so special now! I know this has come off as sort of a rant but it isn’t directed at you Escalus

Seriously don’t watch this if you plan on watching the show in the near future – although it goes through cuts pretty fast:. You needed a giant mechanical film bench in order to “tape” your film together after you physically made the “cuts” no Avid yet I don’t believe – or a very very early one costing overNot so special now!

Shane Carruth is on to this. Now think back ignoring my own advice to when Soderberg made Sex Lies and Video tape you literally needed several million dollars to make a film that could be exhibited in a theater at all. That was absurd science fiction in until just a few years ago.


Rotoscopy added a new layer of depth to the film and created an entirely new theme, which was unavailable to the story by Philip K Dick. Xteven with that 60, not adjusting for inflation which would make it more likeI could make short films.

Steven Soderbergh’s “State of Cinema” Address at San Francisco International Film Fest : TrueFilm

Conflict and debate are good, though I also get that Soderbergh is saying that the latter is not happening anymore. While House of Cards is good but not great – if other actors implied that television was now more rewarding than film, Kevin Spacey outright said it:. And, in all times, the artist has been honored and paid for ssoderbergh his opinion of soderberg.

Soderbergh, who I find to be a sensitive filmmaker, should know that not all audiences are as culturally knowledgable as he is. If films acted like this people would stop watching them.

Over here in England, these big successful shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, House of Cards and so on and so forth aren’t that huge here. It was on the wall of a cave in France 30, years ago, and it’s because we are a species that’s driven by narrative.

The prolific filmmaker discusses the state of things and the difference between ‘movies’ and ‘cinema’ with the anecdotal prowess you would expect from the veteran. All I hear is about these TV shows that are better than films from America and yet they’re nowhere to be seen here. I thought Magic Mike was guilty of that. What Have You Been Watching. If you really don’t mind spoiling an entire show – and one of the best ones ever made – this is great fan-made trailer for Breaking Bad.


Season 2 Visual Effects Breakdown: I’m surprised he made as many films as he did in that environment. I hope you succeed. He must, therefore, make the producer realize, by whatever means at his disposal, that only by allowing the artist full and free creative expression will the art and the business of motion pictures survive.

Structuring is the wrong word.

What’s worth more merit a TV series that keeps second-footing you or a film that engrosses you from the word go and doesn’t give you cliffhangers, or false endings? But consider that something like Star Wars was not financed by any big six studio.

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Click for video essays Comments: Clear, polite and well-written responses should be upvoted; opinions should not be downvoted. On the other hand, the audience itself, other-directed and mass-minded as it is, may condemn pictures such as Twelve Angry Men or The Goddess.

However, in no other activity can a man express himself as fully as in art. Every filmmaker’s career story is full of luck, surprise and coincidence – all you can do is work very hard and be ready when it is your time. Often times their best movies are when these ideas converge, which is what I believe he may call “transformative”.

Woody Allen would never get this starting out today in film. But if you look now, the focus is not on the same kind of films that were made in the 90s.

Starts of great with some good quotes etc but the last portion, 10 last minutes are just the sad ramblings of a cynic who doesn’t understand the new technology and recent developments in culture.