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The Collection, the recently released limited edition Blu-ray set. Ecstatic Fictions, a retrospective dedicated to Werner Herzog ‘s fiction filmmaking, will be running on Mubi in the United States from May 28 – July 29, You can now stream 16 Werner Herzog films for free. The pair eventually decide to leave Germany for America Wisconsin, to be specific , and the film portrays the events that follow. Scott McKain Bank Employee. There are some great lines: Putting aside his public personality, could we simply get another good film?

Factory, the production house behind the newly released Herzog: It makes the whole film worthwhile. Added to your Timeline. More reviews for Stroszek. Among other things, Mr. Packs a wallop without a dose of sentimentality. Bruno Stroszek Bruno S. Some of these tantrums appear in the documentary.

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One surreal view after another, a sustained captivation Full review…. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. I was very moved by it at certain parts, and in its own way is by turns peculiarly enduring and heartbreaking. Need something to binge-watch? This one’s definitely open for interpretation, and that’s a good thing.

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Ely Rodriguez Ely, The Mechanic. We watch with a kind of fascination, because Herzog cuts loose from narrative and follows his characters through the relentless logic of their adventure.

It’s primary concern was to follow Bruno Stroszek, a complete nobody whose pursuit of the comforts America has to offer became initially fruitful, but turned out to be nothing but temporal. Bleak, offbeat and funny as hell. However, language limitations, mortgage, and Eva’s restless character end up leaving him bankrupt, unemployed, alone, and stroxzek misunderstood than ever before.


He aligns himself with like-minded prostitute Eva Mattes and elderly, near-senile Clemens Scheitz. Land of Silence and Darkness Onlline film is a documentary about Fini Straubinger, a woman who can neither hear nor see. Stroszek Where to Watch Online. Together, the pair collaborated on five films despite Kinski’s reputation for flipping out on set. Think of a stronger Kaspar Hauser, with considerably more wit.

16 Werner Herzog Films You Can Now Stream For Free

By now, we’re sure you’ve finished season three of House of Cardsso if you’re looking for something else, we suggest these Werner Herzog films available on Shout! Herzog has made, in short, a beautiful song to utopia. His emotions are unavailable, but he is undoubtedly preoccupied with the ton steamboat high above him at an impossible 90 degree angle, as it disappears up. Bob Evans Bob Evans.

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She appeared in several films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and played him two years after his death in Ein Mann wie Eva. The titular character stands in the foreground, yet with his back to the camera.

Then, these same bullies come to turn their attention towards Bruno. The “American Dream” at the peak of its promises, and the brutal realization of its non-existence. This one’s a horror classic. And a little distance brings perspective. Their new house is near a racetrack, and Charlie ingratiates himself with small-time horse owner Del Steve Buscemiworking with him at the stable and traveling with him to seedy races on the state-fair circuit.


Internationally, she’ll probably always be associated with the Xtroszek German Cinema. On Tuesday, Americans go to the voting booth to determine what kind of country they want theirs to be. In it, Bruno, an alcoholic street musician, Eva, his prostitute girlfriend, and their elderly neighbor move to America in an attempt to leave behind the hardships of their lives in Berlin.

Stroszek is part moral tale and part absurdist comedy.

Still, this even-handed, mutually destructively, and inextricably Jewish-American family saga marks a major departure for Baumbach in one.

Instead Herzog finds strangeness in rural Wisconsin, and of course there is plenty of insanity to be found in that wretched hellhole. Herzog is mad in a very, VERY good way.

Honest in its portrayal of the good and not-so-good of people. Downright brilliant tragicomedy from one of the masters when it comes to capture unconventional people chasing illusions.

I guess this is because Herzog never chooses to show things in an easy, matter-of-fact way; rather, it’s a premise that looms over the entire movie. The Onnline, a Blu-ray retrospective featuring 16 of his early art-house films, including the masterpieces Stroszek wtroszek Aguirre, the Wrath of Godhits like Sroszek the Vampyreand self-reflective meta-documentaries like My Best Fiend and Little Dieter Needs to Fly