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Woo rolls in it like a pig. Split into two teams, each castaway will take turns throwing sandbags at a completed block puzzle belonging to the other tribe, trying to knock out as many pieces of the puzzle as they can. Kass is skeptical because he has committed before and then backed out. Tony didn’t actually reveal the special idol, so the two people most threatened by it Spencer and Tasha remained skeptical about his having it throughout the episode. The first team to complete their puzzle wins reward. Tony is scrambling to get Woo back in to his fold.

She works on Spencer and Woo. Targeting Woo also makes some intuitive sense, since Woo would a physical threat in the remaining ICs. Har, thee mud Ep. The sad thing is, because Tony also had the special idol, there was exactly zero incentive for him to take that bait. Spencer notes that Tony regularly blindsides his alliance, and then scoops them back in with his loyalty talk. The final six arrive for their ImmunityChallenge and Trish has nearly frozen to death before they can even get started. There was no payoff.

They draw for spots. Tony calms Trish down and they take a walk with Woo. They shake on it but Kass says she needs to show everyone how unlikeable Tony is. So what should Tony do? Thus, the other contestants have no way of knowing how to play around it. Kass has a whole plan to flush the idol by vote splitting. The game seems his to lose, but the other castaways might not let that happen so easily.

Tony starts scarfing and Trish epispde him to slow down before he barfs. This could be that issue we saw in cgaayan preview. The “feast at a local village” gives a glimpse into local culture, although those visits always seem a bit off, with otherwise well-off Americans competing for a million-dollar paycheck, no less being treated as honored guests, being fed and entertained thanks to the combined efforts of subsistence-level locals. Sure, Woo and Kass were probably initially excited that they finally got to go on a reward Trish is still reward-lessbut the interactions with the kids really made the visit work.


Spencer is the closest to survivlr. Where are Rob and Stephen currently standing re: Tony asks Woo about survlvor three. First, a NinjaStealthMode Flip.

Survivor Cagayan Season 28 Episode Interactive Recap –

Jeff calls him over and gives him the necklace and says Spencer is guaranteed a spot in final four. She is yelling at Kass about what a terrible person Kass is which is kinda funny since a lot of the players are thinking the same stuff about Tony.

Jeff went to tally the votes. Who Went Home Last Night?

The players divide into purple and orange teams again. Fractured like chandeliers Ep.

Survivor Recap: Cagayan Episode 12 ‘Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back’

She asks Survigor if Tony swore on his wife and baby. Kass says she knew she was cagayann and was listening. I will also tell you I am a construction worker while simultaneously sharing stories of my life as a Jersey City police officer. The reward this week is to take a goodwill ambassador trip, delivering supplies to a local school. Spencer says immunity is important and Kass and Woo agree the three of them all really need to go for immunity.

Tony leaves Kass to her rocks 122 stews up at camp. Jeff starts with Tasha, as the obvious target for tonight. Probably Tony’s ideal scenario is if Spencer wins immunity next episode, forcing Tony’s remaining allies to take one of their own out.

Jeff confirms that no votes against Tony will count. The jury is openly laughing at this back and forth. Spencer tells Tasha about the plan. How does this pass game-show rules muster? Spencer admits this is great for him. The challenge is to run down the beach to six stations of various objects fish traps, bamboo poles, stones, etc. Maybe, just maybe people will dislike him more than they dislike her.


Tony is the first to get his key and he runs to unlock his rungs. Tony calls Spencer a challenge beast. This is nasty but funny. Apparently that real-life survival stuff is less TV-worthy than pointless bickering.

I have no idea. If you missed it we have a full surivvor detailed recap, right here for you. If Tony plays the idol, they vote out Trish.

Woo rolls in it like a pig. She shakes her head sadly, knowing the target is on her back today. With Woo growing wary of Tony, there were ways that Woo could cause a deadlocked vote at the final four, and Stephen feels this might have been cagajan way for Tony to try and patch up his alliance with Woo.

The happy ending is that the producers were probably waiting at the van with a contract for the next season of All-Stars. Other S28 recaps Cagayan recaps index Cast: In private, Woo is still weighing his options for voting Kass versus Trish. Rob very much wants to hear the justification for this move from the commenters with regards to what Tony would be thinking by getting rid of Trish. Is Wanda Shirk now in charge of challenge design?