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Eynah 19 January at You can also publish your stories here with the help of Create Your Story Page. She touches her face, which is wet with her tears and blur image of her dream is reflected in her eyes. She comes outside from the room and looks Sanskar who’s still working. The moaning of darkness is increasing in every moment. She neither scream, nor moan.

Unknown 14 March at Devi Sri 17 January at Sanskar’s mouth opens and he says: She didn’t know when Lavanya came in the room next night, inform everyone about the accident of Sanskar. Falguni Vaghela 18 January at Sanskar says in a soft voice: Anonymous 16 January at

She goes to the terrace and looks down, she reminisces their moments and closes her eyes for intense emotions.

Pls dnt stop writing. You can also publish your stories here with the help of Create Your Story Page. Laksh, Ragini and Shanaya are standing around her with a worried face. She goes downstairs and asks Lavanya about Sanskar. Darkness is abundant her essence because there’s only light around here. Her eyes have started the flood of pain but she doesn’t realise this because of her deep thought.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Saba Shiekh 3 March at I know that it will be difficult for you but try to update another part today itself. Each episode I read times just to feel each emotions. Swasan A path hate to love Ep Padma Nataraj 16 January at Sanskar is shocked to listen his words: Laksh irritates to listen to it: Someone is received his call and he says: He planned everything with perfection, Swara was also included in his plan but the affection and love which he’s feeling for her was not in his plan.


She something wonders, how I think that this meera is sanskar’s ex wife. I m eagerly waiting for this.

Vidhya viswanathan 19 January at Saba Shiekh January 18, dramafantasyromancetragedy. Sanskar looks him with his signature smile: Swasan A path hate to love Ep Pls give swasan interaction scenes more Both sit on a couch and he takes out epksode mobile from hip pocket before. Natural fragrance of her.

Swasan A path hate to love Ep 22

He looks at her who is already looking to him. Laksh… His brother, not only brother, his best friend and his secret keeper. About Saba Shiekh Fantasy Diaries is the right place for stories lovers. Plz lovs more tensions yaar. Sanskar’s voice comes in his mind “never sell them, these are my dream”.

Swasan A path hate to love

Where is he god? Dont tell to anyone about me.

He imagines episoe love Swara and smiles to imagine her innocent face and pure smile which are only for him. Plz write next ff.

Swasan A path hate to love – Fantasy Diaries

Their house had equal share of light Offcourse people get what they want and I always want darkness and God filled darkness in my heart”. I am waiting to see Sanskar’s reaction when we will know that Shanaya slapped Swara. She is wearing a white suit and standing wpisode front of the same window of their room.


About Saba Shiekh Fantasy Diaries is llove right swasann for stories lovers. Sry Saba it is not up to the mark like u r other episodes I know u r forced to write ,this part shows that u r not interested to write. And dont stop writing Superb yaar its very xwasan emotional She leaves the caring about her appearance, she’s just wearing the simple suit which is messy and her hairs are also so much oath like she didn’t wash it for many days.

He remembers the endeavours which he has done to get. Pls update soon di. He lifts her face slowly and kisses on her forehead: My interest is gradually decreasing in this fiction due to such late upload She comes outside from the room and looks Sanskar who’s still working. After drinking water, she hugs him again and hides her face in his chest: Swasan A path hate to love Ep For few minutes, she tries to touch Sanskar in the sleep but when she couldn’t find him then she opens her eyes.