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Additionally there were outdated Outdated MediaHighway entries. Now the recorder uses an active audio track in this case. Detection of dLAN devices corrected. This should fix most problems with day light saving changes because now the EPG always has the “correct” time. The list was not updated when UPnP servers were added or removed in the network. Sometimes I need to wait more than a minute and that is not normal. The commandline parameter -debug additionally enables general event logging as before , and -osddebug new general OSD event logging.

The command lets the Media Server create timers for all programs of the same channel with the same title without appended season and episode numbers that are currently present in the EPG. A new Default Button allows to reset the selected setting individually. Subtitles remained on screen when performing “Close Graph” while they were displayed. Do you think that other CAM module can help me? Channel list import plug-in ImportConf. Posted January 26, It is working super fast.

The default is Switching between different languages didn’t work. In passive mode the page is loaded only after the browser is opened and not automatically in background. Timers could not dvbviewsr edited if the channel was excluded by the filter options of the channel list on the left.

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Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Now it falls back to normal mode where the demodulator type has to be selected by using an external TBS switching tool. The MHEG-5 plugin is a third party add-on and has to be ordered separate.


Fix for polish EPG by Griga. Unicast Device Setup Window: Default configuration files including the transponder lists shipped with DVBViewer are not stored in the installation folder anymore, but in the Default sub-directory.

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This is the first thing I found on this uome that worked, and the demo indeed works well. Program repetitions yield deactivated timers that are not executed. If there is no channel list channels. The list on the right shows the available transponder resp. Eigenlich muss ich etwas falsch machen, finde aber keinen Fehler, weil die Devices in beiden Softwareversionen identisch hinterlegt sind.

If a recording executed by Terratef DVBViewer Filter to version 3. Review by meshal on Mar 9, Version: The custom renderer check box has been removed. Posted January 29, edited. A ‘remote-control editor’ will configure the handset for other applications. All other data is detected automatically when the channel is played for the first time. How to record anything on your screen using th Problem with ISO default language setting Fix: My system consists of:.

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Partially support for interactive channels not finished yet General Change: I think I made a PhD on this card as I surfed everything what was surfable about it. To make it work again such a favorite must be recreated, or the missing channel must be added again to the channel list.


Weather data was assigned to wrong days one day shifted to the future. COM Interface to load customized websites via Plugin: The function of the Stop button and menu item are configurable for file playback see dvbvkewer Change: Windows 10 bit Ease of use: Items like “Stop”, “Fast Forward”, “Next” etc.

Additionally DVBViewer immediately switches over to the channel and does not wait for another digit if the previous input already specifies the channel unambiguously, e. It contains a warning and a button for launching the Recording Service Wizard. Added Grigas improvements to the teletext parser. Failure logging has been added.

The OSD pages in the Options have been reworked and reorganized including the dvvviewer English and German language file sections. Ability to inject javascript for certain channels. Otherwise artifacts may occur.

The first topmost entry has the highest priority. Synchronizing the task list on DVBViewer start.

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It is now performed in a separate background thread so that a missing server response cannot block the UI. The password is now saved encrypted.

Please note that DVBViewer does not use the standard Windows clipboard in this case, but a file in the Windows temp folder that even survives a reboot.