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Don is down to pounds an overall 87 pound loss and works out with Dan. At the beginning of the episode, Allison tells the teams that two people will be going home this week. Ken started the Biggest Loser at pounds and leaves the show having lost pounds. The Unknowns will compete as a group as the Red team; the Ranch team will compete as a group and chose Black shirts over Blue. As well, for the first time in The Biggest Loser history, a couple has made the finale together. The team was given a chance to enter the game in week 13, but lost the challenge and were eliminated. The contest welcomes Brett back to the competition, who certainly seems excited to return. Join Now Log In.

Back on the ranch, it is revealed at the week’s challenge that Hannah and Rulon have selected Jay to return to the ranch. They have a pop challenge where everyone breaks into partners — one person from the former black team, with one person from the former red team — and each pair cooks a low calorie meal to be judged by Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. The Biggest Loser Contestant: Backlash surrounding The Biggest Loser is nothing new, though it is coming to the surface again now, thanks to a new show. The Black Team wins the weigh-in, meaning the red team had to send someone home except Rulon, who wins immunity for having the highest weight loss percentage on the Red Team. Huizenga visited the Ranch contestants, showing them how their lifestyles were adversely affecting their health.

Doctors say he is burning fewer calories a day than would be expected for a man his size. The black team has a finishing time of 2: The episode started with the shocking conclusion from the previous week’s episode — the combined pound weight gain by the Black team.

Rulon Gardner finally explains leaving The Biggest Loser

Irene and Don biggedt remaining members of the Orange and Black teams were combined into a new team though both continued to wear their original colors. Look at my boy! Aqua needs to lose eight and gets 13 2. What would the rest of the season have been for him?

11 Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Stars Who Have Spoken Out Against the Show

Sarah’s done much more than learn rulkn walk again. At home, Ana showed that she had lost 50 pounds and was becoming more active on the social scene including salsa dancing, her favorite activity ; her goal is to lose pounds before the season’s conclusion.


She hopes to become an M. The eleven remaining contestants are divided into 4 teams — each trainer is in charge of a team. Hannah expresses a fear of going home and reverting to the old lifestyles that brought her to the Biggest Loser in the first place. The Unknowns will compete as a group as the Red team; the Ranch team will compete as a sdason and chose Black shirts over Blue.

Five teams would train with the mystery trainers and would enjoy the luxury of four weeks of immunity while the other six would train with Bob and Jillian in the ranch with the risk of normal weekly elimination.

Uea in a total shock, both Dan and Don each gained nine pounds ; Don insists they didn’t quit, which neither Bob nor Jillian believe. At the weigh-in, the Black team and Blue team put up great numbers. In the completion of Week 4 both teams are featured doing their last chance workouts.

The 14 remaining contestants are told that they will be returning home for two weeks, then heading back to the ranch for the weigh-in. The final 4 are revealed. Cara urged Q to come to her when he needed help. Rulon eventually straps himself in and jumps.

Navigating through a tough stretch of rapids, Olivia holds off Rulon to win the challenge and immunity. Irene won America’s vote. All the teams first work to eliminate the Red team not wanting Q to get immunity then the Brown team, then the Pink team. One or the other. Deni is the at-home winner.

Weight Loss Before and After Pictures: The Biggest Loser Season 11 | Shape Magazine

Purple team is next and, in a case of deja vu, both Olivia Ward and Hannah again lose six pounds each, but this time it is enough to be safe. The teams must run the race together, and the team that wins will earn a helicopter ride to the island of Waiheke for a scenic lunch.

The Unknowns lost 79 pounds 82 with the advantage bigyest 2.

Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Referencing the individual determination of Kiwi mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary, Alison announces the competition is going rulln to singles. Consent Management Privacy Policy Required. At the finale she said,”if you change your mind and believe in you, you can do it. Moses steps in to talk to his daughter and advises her to stay, and she reluctantly agrees.


Sam from Season 9 and Ali from Season 5 are waiting for this year’s contestants in the gym. America’s vote is revealed and 23 contestants come back to weigh in one last time. Rulon loses 17 and gives the Red team a little more confidence.

Comments Add a comment. Kaylee reflects on everything that her unexpected pairing with Brett and Cara has done for her and her father.

All four teams complete the challenge, and the Golden Egg’s prize is revealed to be the only vote at elimination that week. With immunity, Olivia weighs in first and loses four pounds. The first person to pull their car over half a mile will win a VIP pass to the Richmond International Speedway, five thousand dollars and the opportunity to be featured on a Wheaties box. Black invited Bob and Jillian to watch the videos for Deni it was special since she missed her daughter’s wedding to participate on the show.

Jillian Michaels, former trainer Advertisement. Rulon is closed off, and he seems to think that he has to be to succeed. The contest welcomes Brett back to the competition, who certainly seems excited to return.

11 Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Stars Who Have Spoken Out Against the Show

They had 5 wrong answers which added seasin She loses 3, which elicits a high-pitched squeal of excitement sua Hannah. Arthur who ate 35 pieces admitted he did it; he stated that he distrusted Jay and Jen from week one, and thought Sarah and Deni would be voted off the following two weeks, thus protecting him and Jesse.

Their prize is they receive the Biggest Loser meal plan while they are home between the end of their stay on the ranch, and the finale.