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You got a date, Robert?! He trained like a beast. I’ll send you an invoice, Robert. Boy, let’s get some music on. Tom, what’s wrong with you? It’s an old dude with his shirt off. Lives are at stake. Meanwhile, I couldn’t shake the feeling that an evil force was gathering.

As long as he’s black and breathing, he’s got nigga in him. Yeah, I got you now. Fuck you, punk-ass, bougie-ass, hook-ass nigga! But, anyway, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I really think Stinkmeaner’s Oh, hush, boy, I ain’t got time for that. I think I wanna have sexual relations. Come here and fight like a man, you bad nigga! I’m gonna get you, Freeman! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Wong, there you were not carjacking Mr. But where there’s harmony and peace- What? I’ll send you an invoice, Robert. What you gonna tell me, ghosts don’t exist? I don’t care if you hear scream and feel the house shake like a earthquake. Use the HTML below. He can’t hurt you or me or any of us, okay?


Remember the dream I had? Help me, help me.

The Boondocks s02e04 Episode Script

Granddad, you don’t skydive, you’re not Brazilian, and you never was a member of G-Unit. So his ignorance makes you act crazy. Is that boonsocks you got? Stinkmeaner Strikes Back 29 Oct 9. If y’all was paying attention last season, y’all know what a nigga moment is.

This ain’t no TV show, nigga. Take ’em back and go get my purple Speedo.

I got three-stick nunchucks? Nigga, my name is Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus.

I’m gonna get you, Freeman! Wait- You know what I meant! You eat a dick, nigga, you eat a dick!

The Boondocks – S2 E4: “Stinkmeaner Strikes Back” / Recap – TV Tropes

Edit Storyline Colonel Stinkmeaner returns from Hell after making a deal with the Devil, and possesses Tom in order to take revenge on Granddad. Hte is essentially reenacting one of Charlie Murphy ‘s “True Hollywood Stories” wherein a cocaine-addled Rick James soiled Murphy’s couch with his dirty shoes.

I’m gonna call stinkmeanfr police. I don’t see the purple one. Sir, are you okay? I can’t believe it. If death can’t stop Stinkmeaner, what can? I wouldn’t exactly call them people, but yeah.


As long as he’s black and breathin’, he’s got nigga in him. Don’t never in your life ever try to holler at me. Granddad, you want “Beat It” or “Thriller”?

We must use these tools that the great God has given us to fight niggas. In the name of white Jesus and all great white men who have come thereafter, I command thy black nigga syinkmeaner back to the depths of hell.

Come on, everybody join in. Y’all gonna have to kick me out of this bitch. And I sent him to hell where he belongs.

Turn on the My-pod and let’s get on the I-space.