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Hang Ah walks out in front of the commanders gathered from both sides. LOL “a king that freakishly good looking and sexy and rawr in suits”. Secretary Eun walks out and defuses the situation, inviting them all in to meet the King. Honestly, its so nice to have Jae Ha read him in just a snap. Loved the hilarious dialogues. TV The King 2 Hearts. Hey, enemy of my enemy can be an ally when it counts. Glasloves July 5, at

Episode 1 of TK2H did exactly what it needed to do — keep my interest and make me care about the characters in this drama. But Shi Kyung in that fancy uniform with the big white chest and the motorcycle boots? Skip to primary content. Lee Sung Min Main Cast. Yoon Je Moon Supporting Cast. This naturally gets Kang Seok pissed but Hang Ah tells him to calm down.

It still kicks ass no matter how you cut it or watch it. This naturally gets Kang Seok pissed but Hang Ah tells him to calm down.

The King 2 Hearts

He should sing to the princess Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast. Do you have to say things like that right now? Its not admiration or thank you, it pure awe and proud and special that she is HIS girl!!! Hang Ah is so badass. Don’t you people notice how he is killing us all again and again with every scene being perfect?!?


Thank you for the recap this episode was kick ass!!! Luv him and that pic!! Emmy April 27, at It’s all evidence of LSG’s amazing talent to steal and befuddle the hearts and minds of hordes of fans. So please stop, and go exercise. LOL “a king that freakishly good looking and sexy and rawr in suits”. Jae Ha reads his oath and accepts his discharge papers.

He was feeling left out and not happy he was not involved in the plot. I want that reunion so badly. When discussing their troop designations, Jae Ha purposes mentions war games played by the South where teams pretend they are conquering Pyongyang.

Thanks for the recap! Jae Kang says that Jae Ha already agreed since he signed the papers, to which Jae Ha realizes his brother tricked him.

The little Angelina Jolie Lara Croft avatar that lives in my heart is getting jealous of the competition. Glasloves July 5, at Your email address will not be published. They look awesome and I am hoping it will get better as their relationship develops.

I can relate to you about Ha Ji Won, zub been a while now.

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Is riding little horsies too emasculating for the super agent? The best ending I have seen I hope she and our puppy will win awards this year.


Damo was great too. Good for him but bad for us viewers!

What Is Love in Korean Dramas? For a minute, he is scared that she will leave again! Jae-ha comes forward and asks neg their rank, and dismisses them with a laugh. Maybe in the toilet again. Twinkles April 27, at 4: I don’t know how much more swooning my body can take.

The band is back together!

This episode is EPIC! Lee Yoon Ji Main Cast.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 Recap

And that is so much more true-to-life and SO refreshing to find in suub drama. Eun Shi Kyung has his own room as team captain.

I love that this drama is NOT your typical drama. I really hope they give us a kiss scene. Because of their dad? Those classmates claim that their fathers pay plenty of taxes that goes to support the royal family.