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Hopefully she’ll stop being so hotheaded and realize he’s onto something. I will give it a couple more episodes before I decide wether or not I’ll keep watching. Okay overal episode, good episode. The worst part of this all is that she will be compared to aang constantly and every thing she does will be somewaht compared to aang’s actions. However, in no way can I understand Korra losing to Unalaq, in the avatar state. Wait a second what happened to the bald Air bending kid???

What were you expecting? The end of that fight looked like pacific rim. I think he’s trying to fuel the war because he thinks war is money. So is Verrick a good guy? There is a difference between neutrality and treating the enemy as human beings. Why does that matter?

Hence the lion turtles needing to protect the humans.

The Legend of Korra S01E10 – Turning the Tides

As for bending overall its taken a step back and is on such a smaller scale now which sucks. I always thought that meant you can master the elements because you’ve done it before, but it’s possible he was referring to how Wan had to do the exact same thing.

Ok this episode made me go from thinking this whole book was pretty legnd to I’m really fucking interested now. I’m korrx to see a great final battle and Korra is probably gonna get some help from Jinora real soon according to the season trailer. The best intention in the world don’t rectify this behavior.

The Legend of Korra S01E10 – Turning the Tides – video dailymotion

Making them gigantic just made the whole thing e;isode dull. What time does it come out? Those mafia skills are rubbing off on u man.


Aimeultima end of that fight looked like pacific rim. Nothing for her, Mako, Bolin, Korra anybody. In spiritual and emotional essence all his 3 kids are awesome, unlike him and his sibling who have quite the shortcomings.

She looks familiar too was she that water bender? I’m afraid her role in the show may be a little too passive considering how big a deal she is and the fact that she lives where the story is currently taking place.

It’s a bit silly that Blood Bending is so overpowered. But as a father he did succeed in bringing up children that are quite keen epiaode capturing the essence of what it is to be a great bender. Well, it wouldn’t have made sense if that happened.

Yes, Varrick is cool and nice that the escaped. They are the Maiko of this series, they are going to break up and get back together many times I predict.

It was obviously less guarded, if guarded at all, and since it’s open it would be easy to locate. Wan’s episodes were the highlight of this season.

I episodde know why everyone thinks there wasn’t one today. Yeah, the bending was actually pretty good then. Best episode s since ATLA ended.

Wait a second what happened to the bald Air bending kid??? Two next week and I guess two the week after that. Also who’s to say the tribes didnt develop the art or philosophy from the lion turtles? Its also possible the Lion Turtles simply removed the pre-existing ability to bend from the tribes.


Her character needed a sort of restart. Did he not realize that that’s how world wars start? Now I can have some Marathon viewing sessions of it.

The portals were originally closed and Vaatu, the personification of evil itself, is the only reason they were ever open. I’m liking the music so far, especially the upbeat tracks.

It doesn’t change the fact the the only reason lion turtles exist at all is because the writers were too lazy to develop a feasible way for Aang to defeat Ozai without killing him. Can you link the episode pheonix Here it is. I don’t she’ll be helping Korra very soon, but possibly sometime in the future.

Legend of Korra episode 10 link?

Anyways, with Korra having amnesia she may have forgot how to enter the avatar state at all. I’ll be perfectly honest here — I definitely won’t watch the third season. Watched a few episodes as a kid but I just decided legenr re-watch the whole thing this week. Hope to see more of him and hopefully some of him in Korra. I had the widest smile on my face when I saw Iroh: From what I can tell, it seems she will somehow meet the first Avatar. Man, best episodes so koorra.