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This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. This act is done so that Dr. If you have exactly ore chunks, you will receive a Bomb Bag upgrade: I slept clean through winter! That is, in a linked game if you played Oracle of Seasons first, then Oracle of Ages , there is still something to do in Oracle of Seasons. Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence. It’s so fun I can’t help myself. If you succeed, he will upgrade your sword.

Malon wants the Cuccodex as her father, Talon , left to climb Mt. Trading Items provide another quest for Link. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Left, Oracle of Seasons. Biggoron is feeling a little sick, as it is so cold. Ruul , Oracle of Seasons.

The Legend of Zelda: Also, ten secrets will become available, and Link can thus obtain ten extra items. Go into the cave entrance and wake the sleeping guy inside with your Megaphone.

The eighth item in the trading sequence is the Megaphone. He wants some oil to make it go faster, [33] Once he sees Link’s Engine Grease, he asks to use it to make the windmill go faster. This well-seasoned pot [7] can be acquired from Mrs.

It’s a harmony of flavors! This vase can be acquired from Biggoron who can be found on the summit of Goron Mountain. If you have exactly ore chunks, you will receive a Bomb Bag upgrade: Fish Go to Sunken City and find Ingo’s house.


Give me that vase, please!

Link can pull the Noble Sword from the pedestal, thus ending the Trading Sequence. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. One that’s just breathtaking Malon wants the Cuccodex as her father, Talonleft to climb Mt. The sixth item in the trading sequence is the Goron Vase. Views Read Edit View history.

Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence

It is also possible to obtain the Noble Sword without doing the Trading Sequence, since the navigation pattern to get through the Lost Woods never changes. Can anyone light my fire? The master smith will upgrade your shield. Give him the Iron Pot and he’ll give you Lava Soup. If your seed satchel is full with 50 seed per each of the 5 types in Oracle of Seasonsyou will get a seed satchel upgrade.

It’s Mittens’ favorite food!

Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence – Zelda Dungeon Wiki

Play the Phonograph for the music-loving Deku Scrub and he’ll give you instructions on how to get the Noble Sword. Tell the password to Farore, oracle of secrets, and the upgrage will be available in Oracle of Agestoo. Left can read, as before it was too dim. It can be acquired from Maplewho offers to trade it in exchange for the Lon Lon Egg, claiming they are all the rage with girls, and since Link is a boy, he doesn’t need it.


December 15, at 6: It’s dkeu what I need! Was this guide helpful? Cucco and wakes up the sleeping Talon using the Megaphone reminiscent of Ocarina of Timehe will take the Megaphone and give Link a Mushroom in exchange. The ninth item in the trading sequence is the Mushroom.

May I have it? It can be acquired from the Subrosian Chefwho can be found in his kitchen on the west side of Subrosia.

To acquire the first item in the sequence, Link must go to Horon Village. Ruulthe wife of Mayor Ruulthe mayor of Horon Village. Head west in the Winter, west in the Autumn, west in the Spring and west in the Summer.

Have a Mushroom instead!

Left ‘s house, Dr. That’s an amazing bird you have!