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Sign in Already have an account? And not even very loudly, barely above a whisper. As fo MW, she was a child when she made that fatal decision. High As The Sky Episode He quickly clears up the misunderstanding that it was a mistake because Yeon-woo lied about who she was, and her face lights up. I cut him some slack because he was so steadfast in his love for YW and he was confused by his burgeoning feelings for Wol. Yang-myung arrives to see the king, and reminds him of his promise to let him marry Yeon-woo. Hyon’s mother is the empress, while Yang Myung’s mother is a royal consort.

Add and Subtract Game. Hope the writers give Yang-myung a better ending in the drama than the one in the novel! Just like you, I was captured by the character Yang-myung. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Wonder when that whole relationship starts. Oshin Episode Please enter your username or email address.

How icky that she ends up marrying Hwon.


The student demonstration lasts for days, and the royal assembly debates the matter. I do feel she deserves some sympathy though because i feel like she was manipulated and was just a puppet in this show.

Her enemies, jealous of her family’s position in court, schemed against her and wrestled away her rightful place as crown princess and nearly takes her life. Ugghhh, I’m going to be in agony for this whole series aren’t I?


I do love Yangmyung and wish for his happiness, but Yeonwoo is not for him. Maybe Wol will regain her memory? Episode 12 by LollyPip.

I expect to see all of them grow into ‘the acclaimed actors of the future’ Prince Hwon asks for a fair selection process, so as to stop the line of royal power in one clan. Hope those torrents are up by now. As Prince Hwon and Yeon-woo watch the puppet show, Nok-young repeats the same destiny she saw for Yeon-woo — that she will suffer for being too close to the sun, but is fated to stay by its side. Love love love this drama! It is hard to compare book to drama as I think the writers of the drama have already deviated from the book substantially.

But he absentmindedly walks right past her, deflating her grand entrance.

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I don’t think BK was either. I don’t wish for MW’s death as punishment because she was young. Agree on the ratings for Wild Romance.

The good news is that the producer promised audience will episoode to see and enjoy the scene in next episode of episode YM telling YW about Y her brother.

Yang-myung sees the notice and his face grows pale.

When you want something really badly, you would wish for anything? I wish there was a girl for both guys. How about a girlfriend?

Only registered users can add comments. Although baby MW was pretty selfish yeah? Furious, she reminds him that she and her clan have protected his right to the throne. He says in voiceover, addressing Little Prince in his memory:. I’m watching it in Jacinda1st. Need to rewatch and cry with him again. Add and Subtract Game.


Sign in Already have an account? While Hwon conceals his identity from Yeon Woo but reveals his true personality, Thhe Myung conceals his true personality from Yeon Woo while acknowledging his real identity. But the fact is that there was intent to kill and so, I think attempted “murder” is not too strong a word.

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Hwon neither gives up his love nor the throne but he tries to fight against hhe Yeon Woo by his side. Sign up for a new account in our community. This is why I also think she prayed for YW death in that room Flashback to Minister Yoon killing his brother in cold blood. The translations are so beautiful. I think KSH portrayed the agony of discovery really well.