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Prince Baral reveals to the Galactic Council the information that Valerian and Laureline brought back from Planet X, indicting Vlagos, but then a report arrives that implicates Baral himself in the murder of a Vlagosian scientist! The TV series differs from the original comics in that in the TV series Valerian comes from the year instead of , and meets Laureline in the year instead of Premiered Sep 24, Between Seasons. While looking for help, Valerian falls and bangs his head. Whereas in the comics Valerian takes Laureline back to his own time without any trouble, in the animated series this results in Earth disappearing from the solar system. Valerian and Laureline manage to outmaneuver Denebian space pirates, but at the cost of crash-landing on another planet. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

Agent Spatio-Temporel in French. The most popular show in the galaxy pits people against deadly creatures, but it’s also illegal and there’s a big reward for whoever tracks down the source of the transmission. Valerian and Laureline’s relationship has hit the skids due to his recklessness, but before he can try to get back in her good graces, Laureline becomes a rising commercial star Eiichi Sato Philippe Vidal. Valerian and Laureline are hired to transport Drazel eggs to a safe haven. Laureline 40 episodes,

Alcia episod her Moonbase resistance members intercept a message from Vlagos at the expense of revealing their own secret location. They hear weak signals coming from the still-intact moon! Will he ever be able to return to her or is Valerian forever doomed to be lost in nostalgia? Use the HTML below. Burgas is Galactic Interpol’s most wanted criminal, one who has somehow been around for years! Full Cast and Crew.

Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Add the first question. Pirna and her minions follow, but then the sleeping planet awakes Cartoon and Animated Classics. Now in an otherwise uninhabited pocket of the universe, the planet is under the brutal reign of a tryant, Raymond de Tancarville, direct descendant of the man Valerian originally saved Laureline from!

Now the two must find the Epispde, since now they are the only two humans in the galaxy, and their ship’s time-machine was damaged. Archived from the original on Valerian and Laureline is a cartoon TV show set in the future where Valerian, tume space-time agent, traveled back in time and changed the history by accident picking up a woman called Laureline on the way, this led to the disappearance of planet Earth in Valerian’s “present”.


Another animated adaptation, titled Time Jam: Share this Rating Title: Valerian and Laureline embark on a perilous mission to Vlagos in disguise in order laureoine meet up with that world’s leader of the resistance and destroy a new weapon of mass destruction aand could wipe out the entire galaxy.

Heavy Metal Thunder Persona 2: Eiichi Sato Philippe Vidal. Resolution — Genesis of Aquarion Air Gear: He’s confused and has no memories of Laureline. Sci-fi Fantasy Adventure [1] Comedy [1].

Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline

Soul Hackers Time and Eternity E. They begin a new life as space mercenaries and adventurers, exploring the new space-time continuum while at the same time attempting to rediscover the Earth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Zessel creates an android double of Valerian to pump Laureline for information, while Val and his new android vslerian hatch a plot to escape the mad doctor’s dungeon.

Time-Jam – Valérian & Laureline

kaureline Valerian and Laureline go undercover in the wild world of 25th century filmmaking to investigate the movie studio of action movie producer Waldoun Boxoff, suspected of passing on top secret info to Vlagos.

The relationship between the two protagonists is at the core of the show and, although the characters are nothing too special by themselves, it’s really fun to watch them interact with each other. Valerian and Laureline rescue the stranded Cyrfranu, prince of Aspara. Retrieved October 18, But they’re after no run-of-the-mill assassin. The Assassination valerisn Gianni Versace: The TV series differs from the original episodd in that in the TV series Valerian comes from the year instead ofand meets Laureline in the year instead of Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline – Episode Guide –

With friends like these, indeed Valerian and Laureline are hoodwinked and kidnapped at a casino, then forcibly sent to Ukbar, a gray desert planet. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Valerian is back in Paris, reliving episodes from his youth Somehow, Valerian slips into a parallel universe where Earth is intact, Laureline doesn’t know him, and her father is in league with Vlagos and controlling the Galactic Council.

Although its tone and storyline are different from the original work, this adaptation borrows many characters, settings and plot elements from the comic books. Innocent Sin Devil Summoner: Edit Details Official Sites: Valerian and Laureline locate a treasure for the rich Zabole, but their client betrays Laureline by leaving her out in space, while Valerian is trapped within Zabole’s palace, soon to be married unwillingly to her daughter. Valerian rescues Prince Coren from pirates, but during their escape, his ship is damaged, forcing them to land on an uncharted planet.

Pirna’s attack destroys the Moonbase, but Alcia and the others successfully pass the info on to Valerian and Laureline, who set out to an unknown planet to foil Pirna’s plans. Valerian and Laureline’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare. Valerian and Laureline return to the solar system where Earth once was.

At a market, Valerian buys a holographic star map that supposedly leads to Maya, a lost planet and home to the infinitely wise Gingiks. Valerian and Laureline are hired to transport Drazel eggs to a safe haven. Valerian and Laureline are to fly a rare creature to a zoo, but before they can, it breaks out of its cage and releases a bird that bites Valerian’s shoulder.