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Hamilton is years-old and it’s going to be pretty awesome seeing her and Schwarzenegger together again after all these years. People got to know each other, and camaraderie between buyers and sellers grew. Nice storyline even though there are obvious gaps in the story, letting the audience imagine things what may have occurred during these said gaps. How to Keep My Love 4. Sabihin na natin na cheesy at mejo pilit yung ibang parts ng story, I’m sure we all know na it also happens in real life. Though users can post and discuss almost any topic in the Forums section with the exception of some sensitive subject matters , the site owners and moderators are very strict in the Trading section. Here is a preview: Ready Player One I will admit na after the movie, dun nyo lang maiisip yung mga flaws at holes ng entire movie but the movie is totally worth it lalo na sa mga action scenes.

In , when the Vietnam war was almost at an end, a secretive and passionate affair occurs between a married Colonel and the wife of one of his captains, and falls into a fatal and obsessive love affair that forces him to give up everything he had achieved. Pangit ng sounds, sayang pera. The language used in the forum includes english, tagalog and some use taglish language. With DC films amboring talaga. Kabron on 30 Aug 18 Along came Conceptsware, a hosting company owned by Mr.

Not a fan of these types of films. Parang TV series lang na pinilit maging movie. Not really the same but: There are approximately thousands of online users daily using the website.


Na lock pala yung isang thread. Lie to me 4.

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So all in all, it’s a fun movie to watch if you and your friends have nothing fun to do on a saturday night.

The film is good, ganda ng story, ung mga scenes solid, I have doubt sa bida for the first hour but naisip ko sa reality ganun talaga mangyayari, kaya on-point din ung acting. EarlOfMillenium on 07 Nov 17 Did I mention that it’s like “The Room”?

This is why the site is also susceptible to scammers, forum trolls, and other mischievous elements of the online community. However, he does not tell anyone -not even his partner- that Jung also happens to be his ex-wife.

Along came Conceptsware, a hosting company owned by Mr. All articles were written and submitted by no less than the TipidPC members themselves. Close you deals here at TipidPC. The people who own the TipidPC. Very catchy the way the plot and truth are unfolded.

Hurricane Heist Some films are meant to be watched with friends coz its unbearable to watch these movies all by yourself. This submit truly made my day. I also like the chemistry between the lead actor and his brother. Ruby Sparks Before we go. San Lorenzo Makati City My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was once entirely right. The two sides are not currently talking at this very moment, sources said.


Although he is thirty, he tipicpc still quite innocent for his age and has been on numerous unfruitful blind dates.

So it was then they formed TipidPC. May mga elements na kakaiba reommended di ko pwedeng sabihin masspoil. Sino dito nakakaalam nung korean movie na may kinulong sa parang basement dahil napagbintangan ata siya tapos after ng ilang years nakalaya siya tapos nagkagustuhan sila nun parang may kasalanan sa pagkakakulong niya ng ilang taon. I enjoyed this one! The rest nakornihan ako, part 1 was ok.

Show me your BEST Korean Movies you recently watched!

BangBros on 07 Nov 17 Saving Sally is also good! Previous Star Wars movies have a lot of CGI characters, however, this one has opted for more physical approach using animatronics, make ups and other special effects making the interaction of the actors more fluid. One day, the family encounters a group of treasure thieves on the street, and are soon involved in a tipidpcc with them. The film follows a Korean family of Taekwondo experts who immigrate to Thailand.