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Bodies of mother and child Photograph by Ishikawa Koyo Source: Their bodies rolled along the road like sacks of potatoes in the stream of fire, passing by with a strange howling sound. Chieko, mother, Yoshiko Bottom, left to right: The winning translations will be published online at The Asia-Pacific Journal: Tile roofs flew up and shafts of flames shot up from under them. They must have escaped on rafts or clung to timber in the canal, but in their desperate efforts to escape from the fires they had no time to look round at their babies. Anne chosen as “Bond girl” in Nagase’s spy drama. The next thing she remembered was waking up to the cold north wind while lying on her side in the dirt.

Then we’d have no choice but to jump into the Sumida River. Chieko thought we should stay where we were: Sites of Mass Suffering Within the densely populated and heavily developed areas targeted on March 10, , there were certain locations that seemed like obvious havens to the hundreds of thousands of fleeing civilians. Tsukiyama Minoru remembers the night of March 10 as a cold one. I clearly recall being able to read the characters on the wall calendar even though all the lights were out. But it’s too late for regrets now. Yoshiko was at home in Kamezawa, Honjo ward, relaxing with her feet under the kotatsu , a low wooden table covered with a futon and heated from underneath.

I’ll never forget the expression on her face. Like insects drawn to the flame, we found ourselves being dragged into the conflagration.

The winning translations will be published online at The Asia-Pacific Journal: While we were heading for the only dark place, the enemy circling in the sky above would surely drop incendiaries there before we could reach it. Saotome Katsumoto yokyo the Firebombing of Tokyo: From around noon on March 9, a northwesterly wind blew under overcast skies, becoming even fiercer from the evening into the night.


The freezing water pierced through me like wagch knife. The stories they tell are invariably emotional, vivid, and written with a sense of urgency that belies a heartfelt desire for the past to be neither forgotten nor repeated. The scars are still deep.

There’s no point in thinking about that any more, though I can’t help it.

The Tokyo Air Raids in the Words of Those Who Survived, 被災者が語る東京空襲

The ones whose hair caught fire screamed and thrashed about wildly. Minoru was overwhelmed by the chaos and noise.

Yoshiko had miraculously survived while holding her baby to her chest. At the time, Koji was a first-year student at Taiko Technical School. I just stood there in shock, holding the lid of the pot with both hands.

By luthienMay 21, in tookyo entertainment. Trampling over people and climbing over luggage, I headed single-mindedly for Mukojima on the opposite bank.

Watcg thought that being near to water would daikuzhu safer than the railway, and that was the nearest waterway. Bodies of firebombing victims in Hanakawado, Asakusa ward. It was once a place filled with the traditional Shitamachi atmosphere, but now fires were raging on both banks and people’s belongings floating on the water were lit by flames.

I tripped over my own feet and tumbled to the ground, but I didn’t feel any pain. I saw the raging flames gutting a building, leaving just the roof intact. My throat was parched and I did not even have the energy to speak, but I pulled myself together and made my way to the scorching hot road where fires were still burning furiously.

After the news on the radio that two enemy planes had turned back across the sea away from the Boso Peninsula, she vaguely remembers the announcer saying that the Imperial Army’s morale was rising on all fronts on the eve of Army Day.

Suddenly we heard onkine intermittent wailing of an air raid siren and saw a civil defense corpsman, his face ashen white, screaming, “Enemy rocket! The tramway was filled with people hurrying along holding futons over their heads or pulling handcarts.


However much I try to banish this vision from my mind, I am left staring helplessly at it. When I read that newspaper article, I immediately wanted to hear Tsuzuki Shizuo’s account of that terrible night and pray for the souls of the victims, but I could not muster the courage to meet him. Eventually he managed to locate the flagstone in watfh of the house. In an instant the whole area around me was a picture of hell. Fukuda Kyoko has been announced as a cast member in NTV’s upcoming drama series that stars Nagase Tomoya as a swindler recruited as wath government spy.

The conflagration had spread over onilne wide area all around us, scorching the sky bright red.

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In this book, in addition to the author and Metropolitan Police Department photographer Koyo Ishikawa, eight citizens of the Shitamachi district of Tokyo describe their experiences in the Great Tokyo Air Raid 9. In the water underneath the bridge, people huddled together under a sheet of burned tinplate were frantically chanting sutras.

The same instant, a ray of light that made my eyes swim streaked across the south window, followed by an eerie roar that seemed to pierce the earth. As the fires spread from one piece of luggage to the next, the advancing wave of desperate cries and screams reached us in the middle of the bridge. It did that several times but the movements gradually got weaker. By zzainal Started August 10,