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With over 5 million Puerto Ricans in the diaspora and the 3. After leaving that gathering, I have never felt so proud being a Puerto Rican. As I read this powerful book I was overcome with anger to what was done to our people and what is being done to our people now. A movie that avoids ultra-romantic portrayals of El Maestro would be a wonderful educational piece all around. My current play monologue called Hecho en Puelto Rico is based on decoding part of our history, which have been hidden to us. It is a movie long overdue.

Just for the record this is not about Yankee go home. The Puertorrican has in his collective memory many United States historical films, but none depicting its own history. Visitar el sitio web. Electrypnose shared a link. I in agreement Like Like. Please make this film.

Would like to see this very much! Electrypnose shared a post. I think is quf greatest idea. El Valor es lo que permite al hombre pasearse firme y serenamente sobre las sombras de la muerte! I have only read the first chapter and I have to admit, it is a great, very revealing and the references are extensive and based on fact.

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Esta debe ayudar mucho a concienciar sobre nuestra verdadera historia. A great idea this movie has to be done to tell the true history Like Like. Would love to see our history being told in a movie for the new generations to learn the true story of our ancestors and who we really are!!


A movie would be awesome! I am definitelyinterested in seeing this film happen our struggles need to be understood by everyone.

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Plssss make this come true, I know so many ppl who want and need this. Thank you so much for this book. This might be the right time…so that the world can see the history of Puerto Soundclohd, and see how the US has treated it, for the past years. Oliver stone to direct and composer Hans Zimmer for the music. Full Cast souncloud Crew. I would really appreciate this movie. Our Minds Festival After Movie.

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Wickr Me — Private Messenger. Please keep awakening our people. Those who look for our liberty are treated like terrorists.

I also encourage people in my Puerto Rican group to read the book. Agree that Begnino del Toro should be Don Pedro. This movie if done with objectivity will be a big contributionn to the this generation in knowing about Pedro Albizu Campos and how and why he is still so important and relevant to our country and the more than 4 millions of puertoricans who live in the U. Electrypnose shared a link. Movies force you to pack a lifetime into 2 hours which barely turns out to be good.

Because of your book my eyes have been opened to the injustice our people sooundcloud suffered in the past and unfortunately till this day.


The story needs go be told!!! The figure of Pedro Albizu Campos is seen negatively due to a history of demonization of the independence movement.

I loved the book! This story needs to be told! Salma Hayak as Lolita Lebron. Great opportunity to inspire Eao Ricans. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. El maestro was a key figure that many people have little to no idea who he was. It has taught me to respect and love Soundckoud patria, historia, cultura, tradiciones and most of all the respect I have for our Flag!

This film must be made! Use the HTML below. I will definitely go and see it along with my teen daughter and young adult xoundcloud. El que no conoce su histotria esta destinado a repetirla. I have forwarded this book to everyone I know Like Like. What a treasure it would be! Albizu Campos was a very brilliant man and his life was very complex.

The book and an accurate account of the history in a movie will become a great teaching tool not only our youths but everyone. You will be killed! I also believe that you Denis should participate as the films narrator.

The world needs to know. I think it is of the utmost importance that we send the message of the real history of Puerto Rico. Video chat soudncloud grupo. Mel Gibson as Governor Blanton Winship.