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Interesting character detail and I was fully prepared to see him kung-fuing his way through infected classmates but once again it never pays off. You are commenting using your Facebook account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I grooved on every minute of it. Watch Full Movie Here. To celebrate their dumping of this cinematic abortion on DVD like so many prom night dumpster babies, Lionsgate Home Entertainment has scraped the bottom of the extra features barrel but at least the video and audio presentation are solid. A sizable shipment of that tainted H2O has arrived at the local high school where the faculty and senior students are preparing for the school prom.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To me the thrill of watching a scary movie was the greatest drug. He staggers through the woods and ends up on a country road where an uncaring school bus promptly reduces him to a puddle of human sludge. Cabin Fever may also refer to: The whole movie goes beyond gratuitous. Spring Fever , the long-awaited follow-up to the horror comedy that established Eli Roth — who had nothing to do with the sequel — as one of the most promising genre filmmakers to come along in years.

Notify me of new comments via email. Jonathan decides to blow off the prom and stay home. The morning weather had been cold and overcast yet as I stood outside basking in the cool March weather the sun started to emerge from behind a thick wall of clouds.

The principal apparently has a butch gay lover. HorrorTeenThriller. The whole movie goes beyond gratuitous.

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The movie also had a strange sense of dark humor that jibed well with the gruesome horror moments. The aforementioned extras are slim and uninvolved.

Stay updated via RSS. This is essentially an assemblage of outtakes from the bloodier scenes scored to the same song from Prom Night used in the movie. Rusty Kelley actually had me feeling empathy for his character Alex at times. Fill in your details below or click an icon to viiooz in: Posted by Russell DuPuis at 5: A sizable shipment of that tainted H2O has arrived at the local high school where the faculty and senior students are fevdr for the school prom.


Fine, but we only see this character once in the movie and he has no dialogue and does nothing of any importance except look gay. Monday, December 23, Cabin Fever 2: Need I mention the trigger-happy thugs in gas masks who show up out of nowhere without giving the characters or even the viewer any idea who they are or where they came from?

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Working with a low budget, probably lower than that of the sequel, Roth was able to slowly build tension and sympathy for his characters and saved the best effects work for the hell-breaking-loose finale. Instead he finds himself fighting to keep himself alive along with Cassie and Alex as their fellow classmates fall prey to the virus in the most gruesome ways.

Jonathan decides to go to the prom after all and expects to spend a magical evening wooing the girl he has held in his heart for most of his life. I grew up watching horror films even during my earlier years when some would advise against subjecting an impressionable young mind to the sinful pleasures contained within the faded, flaking video boxes of various sizes remember the big box?

Cabin Fever — Rotten Tomatoes More gory than scary, Cabin Fever is satisfied with paying homage to genre conventions rather than reinventing them. Giuseppe Andrews does what he does best, playing an idiotic burnout. I held out hope that a decent movie could be salvaged from this gruesome mess but what I got instead was an unfunny, moronic, and depressing experience that will scar me for some time to come.

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The final scene in the strip club and the animated epilogue were added after West left the production, which explains why the animation in the epilogue was noticeably cheaper than in the prologue. English and Spanish subtitles are also provided. I try to not have expectations when I first see a movie but going into Cabin Fever 2: May 27, in Uncategorized. They go way beyond gratuitous.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The story is made confusing by the addition by little ideas that have no payoff and serve absolutely no purpose to the overall film. Instead I went out on my front porch, lit up a cigarette, and spent several minutes reflecting on this movie and life in general.

Gorehounds might eat it up, but I thought it was pretty dull, much like the actual movie. When one of them gets sick, they grow … Cabin Fever — IMDb A group of five college graduates rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus, which attracts the unwanted attention of the … Cabin Fever film — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cabin Fever is a American comedy horror film directed by Eli Roth and starring Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello and Giuseppe Andrews.

Cabin Viloz may also refer to: This site uses cookies. The movie struggles to reach the end of its running time and then it runs out of steam before our eyes by stopping the main story cold and setting the final scene in a shithole strip club filled with characters that have nothing to do with the main story.

Local police deputy and hedonistic head case Winston Giuseppe Andrewsalso returning from the original, investigates the accident and tells the traumatized driver to go about his business, blood-drenched school bus and all.