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Shane meets with Kremlin officials and American leaders to discuss the rising tensions between the U. The struggle for Kurdish independence in Iraq; The possible consequences of militarisation of space. The domestic impacts of Trump’s trade wars. The plight of desperate bachelors in China. A revisiting of Nigeria’s illegal oil refineries after the end of ‘s amnesty program; Scientists are developing new ways to speed coral evolution to repair reefs damaged by increasing ocean temperatures. Exiled sons of polygamists. In Egypt, looters steal artifacts; the white male is seen as a symbol of cultural cachet in China. Tobacco obsession in Indonesia.

Shane travels to Antarctica to investigate the West Antarctic ice sheet and see how the continent is melting. Investigating the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan; veterans struggling with mental illness and addiction. Shane travels to Moscow to meet with Edward Snowden and discuss government surveillance programs. Examining the impact of “Fake News” and what is and is not factual in a divided media landscape; A look at the possible health benefits of continued microbiome research stemming from fecal transplants to combat superbugs. The struggle for Kurdish independence in Iraq; The possible consequences of militarisation of space. Ultra-extreme reactions to the economic crisis in Europe. Impact of legalized marijuana in Colorado; the struggles of North Korean defectors relocating to South Korea.

Examining the environmental harm of industrial meat operations; assessing the depths of the world’s water crisis. Public defenders face soaring caseloads and limited budgets; with 80 percent of all criminal defendants unable to afford a lawyer, the system is collapsing; in the Amazon, indigenous tribes strive to save their homes from exploitation.

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Failed state on the south side of Chicago. The correlation between student-loan borrowing and the soaring cost of college tuition; a medical revolution involves using stool from a healthy person to treat severe intestinal infections in tibaccoland. Patients and top researchers across the U. The struggle for Kurdish independence in Iraq; The possible consequences of militarisation of space. NASA and a growing community of private companies decide to prepare for Mars exploration; ex-detainees reveal what really happens behind the walls of the American prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Ultra-extreme reactions to the economic crisis in Europe. Desperate defectors flee North Korea. A look at the rise in diagnosis of autismalong with treatments currently being tested or in development, and a brief treatment of the issue of autistic rights and neurodiversity.

Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes. In the Indonesian province of Aceh, Sharia police enforce Islamic law; cleaning up the oceans and rethinking the ways of using plastic.

Taliban-supported child suicide bombers watcg Afghanistan. Thomas goes to the frontline of the battle for a Kurdish state to follow the story of Syria’s forgotten ethnic group, the Kurds ; rhino horn has been coveted in Eastern medicine for centuries.

Futuristic police surveillance in Camden, NJ; genocide in Sudan leads to overburdened refugee camps and rebel groups preparing for a fight for justice. The rising tide of climate change. College athletics have seen explosive revenue growth in the tobaccolandd decade, but the NCAA requires players to forego profits in favor of scholarships and new facilities, and now federal courts are being asked whether that compensation is enough.

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The plight of migrant workers in Dubai; examining the increasingly prominent business relationship between China and Africa. A study lists domestic right-wing groups as two of the top three terrorist threats in America; the global damage caused by overfishing in the oceans. An inside look at how the Libyan revolution is failing; a front-row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.

Alabama passes a harsh anti-immigrant law; Haiti receives billions in aid money after an earthquake.

Retrieved from ” https: Examining the search for a cure and a preventative vaccine that could eliminate AIDS. Armed preparedness in a New Mexico school. Shane travels to Moscow to wathc with Edward Snowden and discuss government surveillance programs.


People attempt to control the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa ; examining the recent rise in reports of sexual assaults on Vicd. Examining what it is like for American women who are in prison; Andy Warhol’s work dramatically redefines the notion of art.

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A look at the political future of Jerusalem ; Examining the growing trend of facial recognition in mass surveillance of public spaces. The heroin epidemic in Iran; how global warming is re-igniting the Cold War.

Women take a stand against rape in India; repercussions of nuclear radiation in Kazakhstan. President Obama tours a federal correctional institution in Oklahoma.

Created and hosted by VICE founder Shane Smiththe series uses immersionist style of documentary filmmaking to cover various topics from around tobaccolamd world for each episode that were told by its respective correspondent. Actor Michael Kenneth Williams investigates the negative impacts of the American juvenile justice system.

The domestic impacts of Trump’s trade wars. The medical breakthroughs in Cuba that may soon be available in the U. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Afghanistan’s war against the Taliban; religious tensions spiral out of control in France.

The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO sparks a series of protests and a fierce debate about the tpbaccoland of the U. The effects of the U.

The failing of south Sudan, a country with enormous natural resource reserves, due to government corruption; The building of oil pipelines across native American reserves.