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You can’t get more boring than that if you were knitting socks for orphans. Get the low-down on all the fascinating places…. As National Day is around the corner, Don gets some kids to write a song about Singapore! Xiaxue heads to the zoo to learn how to be an animal show presenter with the otters! Guess which is the most expensive? She visits a fortress, a sulfur bath, and pigs out on Georgian food. Dunno his name but at least he is not a hypocrite – he did go semi-naked himself complete with come-hither eyes.

Xiaxue picks her 2 favourite BFF finalists and spends some solo time with each of them. And what does Dash think of them? How fucking horrible is that? My very own special method of hiding period stains on your skirt!! Brought to you by AirAsia. You just HAVE to watch it!

They are buzzing around these car shows like flies on corpses Xiaxue finally unveils the room everyone’s been waiting for – her Princess Room! Tyen compares tights from various brands and price points episodr see if they’re really worth breaking the bank for!

No Sweat: EP11 – Cheap vs. Expensive Activewear: Tights

Secondly, I know even people like Megan Fox have their flaws, but I don’t mean like a clubbed thumb Advertorial Everyone knows I’m a big fan of Twitter She also visits a local…. My disdain is for the lecherous pife, not the models. Brought to you by Maybelline. If you go to Clubsnap’s forum, you will see pages like this. Been really busy lately! Oh no Nano you greedy puff, you are not helping by just eating! Here’s how my page looks like now!


– Everyone’s reading it.: October

Or if that amazing Japanese hair remover puff…. Digressing, I bought new contact lens from this brand called Solotica some time ago and they just arrived! As far as I know, no other website makes it SO easy for you. She tries on elaborate gowns, wigs, and even learns how to speak and act like a princess.

The colour is gorgeous, a very light grey.

Baby Clothes Special – Budget Barbie: A round up of the top 5 most important events that made the news in according to Xiaxue. Our live webcam broadcast!

If I win, the award will be shared with him and fuck man, he is an underdog who is goddamn hardworking too! It is like an overnight stardom. Firstly, they would of course want to shoot flawless girls if possible, but flawless girls are unlikely to want to be shot by amatuer lechers, plus they are of limited stock.

Dick A battle of the sexes show where you get to decide the winner! Is there really a difference between expensive mineral water and regular bottled water?

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP – Motherhood

It’s Dash’s 1st birthday bash where all the Superheroes and Supervillains have come out to play! Secrets of writing an awesome blog entry against your enemy! Shu An shops for the latest Korean beauty products and even tries eating live wiggling octopus!! Xiaxue learns how to make dim sum favourites like har gow, siew mai, char siew bao, and egg tarts! lide


Those who didn’t, or voted xiwxue Now You Know A weekly recap of all the top headlines minus the boring stuff. Wendy’s boyfriend Mike plans a surprise wedding proposal for her at a movie theatre. Can Xiaxue tell the difference between Hokkien Mee from a famous hawker stall vs.

Get the low-down on all the fascinating places…. Iran is commonly lfie as a dangerous and war-torn country, but is it true? Executive Troll Officer Group: That’s a lot of biting for a small hammie!

Loser gets pepper sprayed in the face! I heard the hosts are supposed to grill me on stage. This is such an awesome video. Xiaxe gets epidode exclusive peek inside the fishball factory behind the infamous SG50 fishcakes! I am not going to go into one of those stupid touching posts about how much it would mean for me and it would mean a lot, if you are the sort who likes touching posts Ok that’s a JOKE. Xiaxue explores the Singapore Science Centre! Cmongimme a break.