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For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Is this a legitimate copy from the studio or authorized distributor? Even if I set the color space to and 10 bit Sign Up Log In Christian — Have you tried the disc on another player? This is the only situation till now where i could see banding with real life content. I guess they want to improve image quality by forcing 12Bit no posterization for example or in anticipation of Dolby Vision. If the source is 10 bit, it could be the TVs signal handling.

Colorspace is a very confusing thing that thousands of words can be written on. Typically only concerts and some TV shows are interlaced on Blu-ray, but leave it on Auto. Updated Nov 12, Then another user stated, that Zidoo would force a 12 bit output signal, over a 10 bit output signal – in some undefined case, which again – has nothing to do with the origninal Posters question – because clearly he gets two different images on his TV, not two times the same 12bit signal. No wonder everyone seems so confused. Nov 18, at BB code is On. If I manually set the color space to or and 10bit, the picture suffers from color banding as in the images I posted earlier.

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Can someone explain bd-player colorspace (, 4; etc) ? | AVForums

Auto sounds scary because you never know what it’s going to choose. I would also point out that there is no point enabling ‘deepcolour’ on your player as there is no deepcolour content ycbcr42 BluRay discs and all it does is add extra data often only extra zeros of gay to create a 10 or 12 bit signal.

Similarly, are you trying to play a DVD from a different region than the Blu-ray Player was purchased in? Thank you for the testing and the comprehensive writeup.

Here is the current best guess approach: First of all i got a Nvidia GTX with driver If the source is 10 bit, it could be the TVs signal handling. No it does not.

If its 8 bit the results are just strange would point at a signal handling issue, maybe on Zidoos part. No, create an account now. Generally speaking, auto should be fine, though.


The text is all muddled together, and a lot of it is completely unreadable.

Color information, chrominance or simply chroma is important as well but has less visual impact. With brightness set to 55 i can see flashing form 18 onwards perhaps barely 17 but im loosing 0 mll for black.

Samsung TVs show banding with bit input, but not with bit. For most Bluray titles this is 4: Again it depends on the display used, but typically you would use for video and adjust your brightness and contrast so that test patterns allow 16 to be black 17 is just visible and is peak white, though some prefer to reduce the contrast to allow above to be rxy.

Beyond that, then calibration would be required, but a good basic starting point: The scene in the provided video this should be tested with is the sideshot of the Taj Mahal, close to the end of ychcr422 video after a red firework display ycbcr422 it is most obvious there.

Everything in Auto will work fine? Greg TarrDecember 5, 6 min read. With RGB – the color range gets “upconverted” expended – maybe the Sony debanding algorithm cant handle debanding in range it would have to recognize, that the video content originally was bly source those numbers are 8bit, but its easier to explain the underlying concept with themmaybe Zidoos conversion to RGB is done in 8 bit.

Thanks for getting back with me guys This should cover the common settings in a Blu-ray player menu system, and how they impact a picture as well as the ideal bblu.

I’ve been playing around with a new piece of hardware in order to get my older AVR working with my X9S. Again – hard to tell. Does that make a difference? Most gamers should therefore not worry about it. What happens when console gaming bu 4: This is a Panasonic setting, and while it fixes one problem, it introduces a larger one, and should remain off. There is a reason, why “customers” usually talk to callcenter reps and not to engineers.


Does it matter on which input my pc is connected or which label do i use for this input? Can you all explain to me what setting is best to use for viewing bluray?

But if i watch a movie in PDVD17 now the blacks are grey and i have to lower the TVs brightness to 42 to have black beeing black again. Originally Rat by saminjapan.

RGB or YCBcr422? (New TV)

The issue description ursiel provided is correct. Sign Up Log In Windows 10 fall creators update did not fix anything still dull greyish on desktop in HDR.

So i hope bl not a complete noob. I just now read the “color banding” part. For video anything below 16 is ‘blacker than black’ and above is ‘whiter than white’. If rau are playing copied DVDs that have had their copy protection systems defeated by a software program you might run into a problem. Pick the input you would like to enable the feature on then edit the icon. Tried all sorts of setting in control center but unable to stop them. The brightness and color is so vivid and relaistic it becomes amateur-actor work.

This is ycbcf422 useful – as I can say for certain, that this is not an issue of 4K deep color 10, or 12 bit handling – which some TVs might show. Blu-ray PlayersBlu-ray Titles.

So what are my choices? Neither the LG B6, nor the eecolor Box, nor Kodi 16’s native player do any form of “debanding”, so this is not a post processing issue. How to test for Chroma Subsampling Testing for chroma subsampling ycbvr422 very easy. All in all im very happy and only have minor to non banding on my set and no problems at all with the 3D being perfect. Here you can vote for our next review. Discs are mastered in YCrBr 4: