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Meanwhile, for the award show, Kojo and Ozzie attempt to film a skateboarding video with singer Lady Lucy, but she has no desire to be in it. To inspire confidence in Luther, Zeke has Ken demonstrate a stunt in which he rides his motorcycle off a ramp and through the fiery ring of doom. Luther, who was born on Leap Day , celebrates his fourth birthday. Meanwhile, Ginger and Lisa plan a flute-playing competition. Zeke and Luther get summer jobs plucking chickens on Ken Tuckie’s farm, so Luther can pay to help rebuild Nana and Carl’s summer cabin, which he accidentally blew up while making pancakes. Luther along with Zeke quickly come up with a plan to convince her that the band is genuine. Ryan Newman as Ginger Guest stars:

Because Gilroy has a law allowing year-olds to run for mayor, Zeke declares his candidacy so he can save the pier and Don’s Donuts. Zeke leaves Kojo in charge of Ramps, and Kojo is determined to prove that he can handle the job. Eddie Coletti suspends Zeke and Luther’s skateboarding sponsorship and takes away their Riot Skates gear until they can improve their school grades. Debby Ryan as Courtney Mills Guest stars: Zeke eventually helps Ozzie to overcome his fears, and Ginger and Lisa come to a draw in their competition. Fitzle then creates a robot to scare away the skateboarders, but it eventually disobeys and attacks Fitzle. During one of Luther’s frequent visits to his grandmother Nana’s retirement home, she requests that his rock band, Soul Bucket, perform for her. But Zeke’s little sister is causing trouble that makes it difficult for Zeke to win it.

Meanwhile, Kojo agrees to help Ozzie train for an upcoming strongman competition so he can win back his girlfriend Kamiko, who views Ozzie as weak. It helps him realize the correct method to achieve the McTwist. For promotional purposes, Jackson plans to have the boys drive the Riot Skates car around a baseball field during a game.

Zeke and Luther learn that Roy and the Plunks are plotting to steal the pastry items before they arrive at the president’s luncheon. Zeke gets a part as Sammy’s stunt double, and Luther sneaks into Sammy’s set trailer to meet him. Various problems have occurred at Ramps under Kojo’s leadership, and he has Zeke resume control upon returning from Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Luther had agreed to housesit Jumpsuit Johnson’s house while he was away on vacation for three weeks, but Luther has completely forgotten until now. After an escapade involving disguises and being invited to dinner by their neighbor which causes both a large amount of guiltthe two confess that they destroyed the garden and accept the punishment.

Luther attempts to break a local skateboarding record by craah off a ramp and over a row of 13 water jugs, but he fails the stunt and injures his knee. Zeke is apprehended after learning of Garm’s revenge plan, but he escapes with Kojo’s help.


Zeke returns the next lluther, and he and Luther question Paulie, Lisa and Ginger to determine who tried to harm Zeke. Crash Dummies 23 Nov After Luther gets beaten by Raw Dog, Mitch enters the ring under the new wrestling name of Super Shredder and beats his opponent.

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Zeke apologizes for putting pressure on Luther, and convinces Kojo and Ozzie to race. Keone Young as Mr. Zeke will no longer name-call Luther when he makes a mistake, and Luther will no longer criticize Zeke’s ideas. Ng then tells Zeke that he must find a magical mountain quail egg that will help him achieve the trick.

Zeke wins the competition. The trick is deemed too dangerous, but the trio still win an audience participation an. Luther feels like he is living in Zeke’s shadow.

Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Because Luther’s parents do not want him to be mayor, he is forced to name a replacement.

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Dog puppeteerDonald Faison as Chill E. However, they learn that Bobby has an engineering degree dumies has been thoroughly researching the stunt to ensure its success.

Carl then reveals a longtime feud between the Waffles and the Kings. The show involves costumed skateboarders fighting evil alien characters known as Dorlocks. Zeke and Luther celebrate their tenth anniversary of skateboarding together and find a security video from Donut Don that shows Luther was the first to ride a skateboard that the two of pqrt found ten years ago, contradicting their memory of Zeke being the first.

Meanwhile, a professional wrestling match between Death Ripper and heel wrestler Raw Dog is being held in Gilroy. Spencer eventually removes the boys as his manager because of their lack of interest in helping him train for a upcoming diving showcase. Ginger and Carp then engage in a prank war, ultimately resulting in Carp giving Ginger an “A”. David Rothenberg Teleplay by: In addition to teaching, Phipps is also the host of a local game show titled Gilroy Brain Busters.

Olivia Colman Wins Best Actress 2. Ron reclaims the title of mayor, and Zeke’s laws are nullified, but Luther reveals that the deputy mayor shall take over in the event that the initial mayor is removed from office. Zeke and Luther pose as construction workers and trick a cement truck driver into filling a hole at Ramps, but they are busted by Deputy Dingle, who forces the boys to participate in a police ride-along program to see how difficult it is being a police officer.

Zeke and Luther no longer enjoy Christmas because of the unexciting presents that they have received in recent years. Because Ramps is located behind a mini mall, garbage frequently builds up in the area. Zeke volunteers as paet stuntman for a more dramatic skateboarding scene, but he learns that Quentin’s new plans lutjer Zeke jumping from a building approximately feet high and landing on a skateboard.


Spencer decides that he no longer needs managers, and Zeke and Luther decide to tear up the contract, a decision that they later regret when Spencer becomes the richest and most famous diver in history.

A troublesome motorcycle gang known as the Road Scabs, which travels through Gilroy once a year, has arrived in the city.

Zeks and Luther 3 Seasons TV-Y7 Two best friends attempt to become world-renowned skateboarders by mastering tricks, entering competitions and defeating a rival with a coveted sponsorship. Luther subsequently achieves instant popularity until Jarvis reveals on a talk show that Zeke was the one who rescued him. Dino Coletti of Riot Skates, and Mr.

The next day, the boys encounter Tony Hawk at Don’s Donuts, and the three spend several hours together.

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Later, Luther spends time with Bridget and realizes that epiode simply needed to relax and be himself around her. Skate Squad Full Episode S 1: Luther blames his “brain guys,” which are versions of himself that live in his brain and control everything zekr does.

Available to Stream Watch on. Meanwhile, when Ginger learns that Poochie’s bird only defecates on bullseye targets, she plans to use the bird in a revenge plot against Zeke by putting a target on his skate helmet. Luther decides to write down two Turf Monsters as part of a plan to fulfill his and Zeke’s Christmas desire, as they believe Kirby is already spoiled enough.

Local Heroes Full Episode S 2: Baron and Bubby are upset but epiwode of the boys’ decision to stay in Gilroy so they can remain committed to the brigade. Luther is in a dilemma due to fact that he made up stories about the so-called rock band because her life was boring.

After the Plunk brothers are found, they retreat on their skateboards, and Zeke, Luther and Kojo chase after them on their own skateboards. Luther is sent to jail for damaging the building, and later works with Ron to expose Zeke’s birthplace as Japan, thereby making him ineligible to serve as mayor, which local law requires to be a Gilroy-born citizen.

When it is Zeke’s turn to skate, he removes his pants and skates while wearing makeshift pants made of cotton candy.